Monday , April 6 2020
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Collective imams Grand Yoff meets Jamra


In one of his vocal output on the proliferation of bars in Grand Yoff, vice-president of the NGO Jamra did suras & # 39; major discoveries. Mom Mactar Gueye said that there is the owner of the Imam of the bar in this area. And it's an understatement to say that these statements have not been approved by the Collective imams Grand Yoff.

In a statement Actusen achieved imams deny "outright malicious About" Mame Matar Gueye. Given that these words from the & # 39 are "totally unfounded" and "likely sur & # 39; ozna damage in particular, the reputation of Islam and imams," they ask, "people do not consider all of these slanderous to our institution." Because, they add, "the sole purpose of" this application, with & # 39 is "blow up and tarnish the good image that the people of these religious leaders."

While Jamra not provide "proven" Collective imams Grand Yoff recognizes "a large number of these places of debauchery in Grand Yoff, their establishment and regulation of a & # 39 is the strict responsibility of the Ministry of Internal Affairs."

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