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cultivated mushrooms in greenhouses


This is a small and long-awaited delivery to the delight of chefs. Harvested unspecified morels, a feat is achieved by the farmer upper Saone. In the greenhouse, it reproduces the conditions of humidity and ventilation ideal for this highly regarded fungus. "We are only about 20 to 30 Morels per square meter. We could not believe it "Says Jeremy Daguet farmer. Many have tried Morel cultivation, but very few have succeeded. The manufacturer will not show your greenhouse in order not to inflame passions, he hopes to raise up to 120 kg.

These mushrooms are sold at 100 euros per kilo. Chef Jean-Michel Torino bought the first cases of closed eyes, as soon as he heard the news. morels grow until June, they will please many taste buds to this date.

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