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Death Lutumba SIMARO Masiya, baobabs Congolese music


Artist Congolese musician Simon Lutumba Ndomanueno, better known guitar virtuoso nicknamed «Lutumba SIMARO», 81, died Saturday in Paris (France), where he was evacuated for nearly two months due to the degradation of his health.

Baobabs Congolese music fell. Simon said Lutumba Ndomanueno «Simara Lutumba Masiya» or "poet" died Saturday at 3 o'clock in the French capital, where he was picked up with about two months.

It is a former right-hand man Franco Luamb Makiadi in the «TP OK Jazz» orchestra was established after the last death in 1989, his own band called "Bathhouse OK» We owe him a few hits that made the date in the history of the Congolese rumba including "Fifi nazali innocent "" with & # 39 is Ebale Zaire "," Mabele "," broken glass "," Maya "," Delo kitikwala »,« Cedou », etc.

Born March 19, 1938 in the city (district) Lingwala Kinshasa Lutumba SIMARO lived there all his life. Last year, when he decided to officially complete his car & # 39; a career after 60 years of service as a musician, the government announced the name of the county's largest avenue.

In December 2015 he was one of about 90 cultural operators, including musicians, artists, actors, writers and others the DRC, awarded medals merit art, science and writing Minaku AUBIN, President of the Assembly National, on behalf of the president, the chancellor of national orders.

Lutumba Ndomandueno SIMARO was elevated to the rank of commander.

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