Saturday , April 17 2021

EPU – Senegal Passage of the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations: The briefing Ismail Madior Fall

In his time on the Universal Periodic Review (EPU) of the United Nations efforts on the human rights of states, from 5 to 9 November, Senegal rejected the recommendations relating to the legalization of homosexuality. The Minister of Justice, who presided over yesterday restitution passage skilled EPU our country, reports that the delegation claimed that "our country was not ready for the legalization of homosexuality."

Senegal also reiterated his position not to legalize homosexuality. This was announced by Minister of Justice yesterday during the return of our country pass on the Universal Periodic Review mechanism of the UN to assess the efforts of each State for the advancement of human rights, which took place from 5 to 9 November last year in Geneva. According Madior Ismaila Fall, the issue of LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex), was part of the 28 recommendations that were rejected from Senegal. Continuing his explanation, the Minister of Justice stressed that "Senegal supports unequivocally that our country was not ready for the legalization of homosexuality." According to him, "in a sincere, heartfelt speeches, the delegation reached a clear position on the issue of LGBTI and confirmed its position on homosexuality He has strongly confirmed by the president during the visit of President Obama. " It's almost the same position, which is also reflected on abortion. For the Minister of Justice, "conditions are not ripe for this advance significantly on this issue", but, he said, "discussions are continuing." Speaking of the 28 rejected recommendations, Mr. Fall says some of them also wear "about amending some provisions of the Family Code, the rights of women. "In these positions, the Minister said that" our society is not yet ready to accept. "
A total of 256 recommendations, Senegal has 228. These, in Madior Ismail Fall "related to the development and continuation of the efforts undertaken to make the rights of the vulnerable, namely women, children, persons with disabilities, national human rights institutions, in particular the National Committee human rights. " In this last point, the Minister said that they are "in phase for this national institution for the protection of human rights with the & # 39 are generally accepted standards, in accordance with the principle of Paris."
In addition, Mr. Fall said that "the passage of Senegal to the UN Working Group was a great success over the year." In addition, he said, known for his colleagues, "Senegal has been elected chairman for two years, the Council of Human Rights Organizations on the & # 39; with the United Nations in January 2019 ".
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