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Fana in unison cause of albinism

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and singer-musician-Malian Salif Kate-629x420-Saturday, November 17, 2018, football Fan renounced the world, thanks to a free concert to pay tribute to a small Ramata Diarra killed on the eve of Malian presidency. Colorful community settled in the near future, as the free concerts Salif Kate does not happen every day.

Dressed all in white, Ousmane Wele Diallo albino came to the concert. "I just Bamako with my wife, and my children attend a concert and to support our business, paying tribute to Ramata Diarra," says he. Like other albinos and special guests, some & # 39; I Diallo settled in the official box, right next to the podium with a giant sound and light to the scene. However, "I do not like the heat, especially the giant bulb scene hit me, but today I take to our business," said Ousmane Wele Diallo.

Soon after, a procession of cars and buses to cross the main gate on the football field. It arriving guests and artists, under the escort of police, some of them have been deployed around the concert hall in the center of Phan.

"We guarantee the safety of all. Fang had never seen such a person even smaller group concert featuring international artists, "said Chief Warrant Officer Mamady Toure National Guard.

"I am very happy to be here today, I came Seg concert Salif Kate. I did not know it would be so many people, and all dance without crowding, "said Mariam Kone viewer.

Register of musicians, aspiring artists, comedians and Slammers made the first part of the concert. "It starts very well, everyone sings and dances to thank Salif Keita and appreciate Ramata Diarra, you saw her parents on stage. They thanked everyone. Here in the Fan, it only requires the release of those arrested in this case, says Lassanu Diabaté, a great fan Griot.

"Albinism is not a disease, we should not be food for politicians and ridicule for some of our parents. I condemn all crimes against albinos, I of fan, I of Ramat, I'm the victim of shame some lust for power, "sighed Karim Diallo, the Malian jail.

After the young Tuareg Kader, who made the public dance, Safi Diabaté, in a tense atmosphere, stayed the course with three titles. "With Salif Keita albinos are now calmed down. We are women, we are moms, and we know that it is a child. That is why we are in this fight. No one should sacrifice one albino for his power, no man should not sell or hair albino organs. Enough. I came to the Fan, because I have to fight this battle to save human lives, "said Safi Diabaté, the Malian artist, performing on stage.

Young Phan went massively to this show. "We demand the release of our friends and comrades that Fang request. They said that they had stopped because the state does not want other irregularities in the election, the election is over, we have to release, "they want.

The same desire was supported by Kate Salif prior to the stage Ismail L Senegal, the only international artist took part in this great concert. "We are here today for what happened to Ramat happen again, and it should be a struggle of all of us. Never in Fana, Mali, in Africa and in the world, "Ishmael trash hick, a Senegalese artist.

"I ask the love of God, I ask the President of IBK release the arrested. Please, Mr. President, release them, "said Salif Kate before starting his work. He made the audience dance for 45 minutes with the tribe & # 39; are songs courage of women. Song from his new album before the end of the song called "black and white", a tribute to the albino.

"I had the opportunity to dance on stage with Salif Keita," he said, in the meantime, Mamy Toure, 9-year-old girl who has spent the entire evening dancing with other albinos.

For his last song of the evening, Salif brought on stage all the albinos and the delegations that come from Africa and around the world. "I am very glad that in this great concert, thank Fang for this mobilization. I am proud to be an albino, I Ramata, never, "sang the young Senegalese artist Max Koudia albino.

"Very pleased and happy. Thanks God, all went well, no noise, although the stadium was packed; it is not easy to bring together 5,000 people for this concert. We thank all the parents Ramata, people Fana, the magical community and all the delegations of the world for our business, and this great concert, "rejoiced Coumba Macalou Keita, president of Salif Keita.

Before leaving the scene, Salif Kate thanked all the participants, one fan, here & # 39; I Ramata Diarra and other albinos, who came from the world. "No soul is more than the other, we are not going to leave. This is the beginning of the struggle in the Fan. Why should an innocent life and 5-year-old girl? We will make this fight. We do not want to see this in Mali, that our authorities are taking steps, because now we will not be silent, to confront this aggression or intervention in our lives, "concludes a pretty good way to Salif Keita.

Kassim Traoré

Awa Diarra Toure, the mother of murdered an albino girl Ramata

"I begin to thank everyone for the evening. At first, I felt alone, but with this great concert and beliefs made before the world, I do not feel lonely. With Salif Keita, goodwill and people Fana, justice is working on the case. Authorities gave a guarantee, but with the conviction that I have come to hear things are moving positively. Today, everyone knows that the 5-year-old girl was killed in Fana, because it is an albino; not peace rally actually my daughter Ramata Diarra, the world no longer gives so that albinos can live in peace all over the world. We urge the authorities to release those who were arrested because people Fana not understand why they were arrested, while the main killer is found. "

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