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group and appreciate the love


Do you have a crush on another Facebook user? The social network wants to help him to his show "crush"Secret: This is one of the main novelties published Tuesday, the company that wants to put"groups"Intimate and center of its application completely redesigned.

A well-known social network on Tuesday launched a new version of its application that loses its famous blue color in the process. She put them "community"I"groups"K"center"With"friends"The Director General said Mark Zuckerberg at the annual developer conference.

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These changes echo recent statements by the creator of the social network, which promised in March, a fundamental shift towards a more attentive platform specifically designed to meet two challenges: the growing taste for a limited user interaction than the traditional "wireless News"But also problems related to the management of personal data."As the world (…) becomes more involved, we need to feel close than ever"He said.

"That's why I think that the future is with the & # 39 is private"He said, as a new mantra for the group, has been criticized for its management – is considered weak and opaque. – personal data, he confirmed, however, that this change in strategy will take years to be completed within the company.

encourage meetings

The application was considered by the group in the center of the place "experience«Facebook and encourage user to meet in the flesh, through common interests or acquaintance.

Side heart, Facebook decided to expand geographically their functions "subsidy"Currently available in more than twenty countries (but not in Europe or the US), as well as add a feature in"secret Crush«(Secret Crush), allowing you to select"friends"We would like to know better and let them know quietly …

Groups in which there are "tens of millions"It will be more easily visible through repeated use, and access will be encouraged through these recommendations based on the interest or"events".

While this may seem anti-intuitive, I think Facebook groups can help to communicate with people who do not have the same political ideas, while social network users tend to be locked into what we call "filter bubble"(Literally"filter bubble") How to communicate only with people or organizations who have similar opinions of their own.

Since the algorithms of their priorities for the content based on users' tastes, social networks mandated to maintain and expand this "bubble"That may be a distorting ideological prism.

"Groups can create links, despite divisions"Said Fidgi Simo, head to the Facebook application. Thus "If you love dogs, you will find other dog lovers, despite the differences, political or other"She said, adding that more than 400 million users belong to groups.

Facebook is still important

Facebook has 2.37 billion users per month. The changes announced Tuesday will be the first mobile version of the touch, and then after a few months of release of the website.

The group of more than two years of struggling with repeated disputes processing network for political purposes of foreign countries in the management of the data of its users, with & # 39 are the foundation of its business model.

Elected officials and regulators to whip to the group, which is a & # 39 is the subject of lawsuits and all follow a number of countries, including the United States.

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