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Guingamp Cup in Alsace! match summary


12:10 – the dim end

What about this final, except that it was a long trial for the audience … dull game that never started. One case in the first period, and must be credited with Guingamp and Marcus Thuram. Striker tried his luck from an acute angle and Camara forced to release a reflex stop. Otherwise, you would have to look at the stands fans to put the mood in spite of this sad spectacle. The second period was better than the caliber of some situations, mainly for Guingamp. But then again, Camara stepped in and expansion was inevitable. The last was in normal terms with the lack of commitment from 22 players. So … Punishments were inevitable to choose between these two entities. In the end, Camara became the hero of the game, leaving two homers and therefore the League Cup Alsatians. Guingamp, a signal will be difficult, and again we have to take measures to maintain Ligue 1.

12:05 – Camara: "We wanted to do something big"

match a person's reaction France Mic 2: "We waited for a while Surprisingly, the number of fans who turned out, he tends to do something great for them to explain. Alsatian guard 2. France coach reiterated his confidence in me, he expressed his confidence in me. I am glad to pay him. "

12:00 – Strasbourg lifts the trophy!

Strasbourg immediately raises the League Cup trophy and officially takes PSG! It's Pablo Martinez and Martin Jonas lifting the cup!

03/30/19 – 23:59 – Reaction Lienard

Author Panenka Dimitri Liénard explained why he took the risk of micro Canal +

03/30/19 – 11:56 pm – Gourvennec: «We had to be more than just"

Jocelyn Gourvennec reaction after the defeat in the Carling Cup final, "You were supposed to be just what we could have won before, because we had more clear chances, but Camara made a lot of stops It's like .. that. end of the penalty? sometimes you win, sometimes you lose … "

03/30/19 – 11:54 pm – Guingamp players on the podium

Before Strasbourg lifts the trophy, it Guingampais, which I am on the podium and to restore the medal finalist.

03/30/19 – 11:53 pm – Video: Strasbourg Joy

Here's a video of the last penalty and the joy of Strasbourg, who won the trophy!

03/30/19 – 11:51 pm – Camara match people

Leaving two misses at the meeting, Camara logically named man of the match.

03/30/19 – 11:44 pm – ⚽ GOAL! Strasbourg won the Cup!

Karol does not tremble and mark whether his punishment! Thus, the Strasbourg won the League Cup after a penalty on goal!

03/30/19 – 11:43 pm – Stop Mosquito!

Rodelin magnifying penalty! Mosquito on the right side and pushes forward Guingamp shot. The match ball in Strasbourg!

03/30/19 – 11:42 pm – ⚽ GOAL! Panenka Lienard!

Unbelievable! Panenka Lienard says third penalty in Strasbourg.

03/30/19 – 11:41 pm – ⚽ GOAL! Didot brand

Experienced Etienne Didot Do not tremble and converts his punishment. 2-1 Strasbourg

03/30/19 – 11:40 pm – ⚽ GOAL! Thomasson brand

A short break in Strasbourg with a penalty Thomasson that passes!

03/30/19 – 11:39 pm – Mendy magnifying penalty!

The penalty completely missed Mendy and goes above the target!

03/30/19 – 11:38 pm – ⚽ GOAL! Prcic penalty mark

Firstly, bars and Strasbourg Prcic take on Guingamp goalkeeper feet.

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