Saturday , April 17 2021

He won the first round by David Halliday and Laura Estimates

Lawyers morning Laetishiya Holliday and three houses Taulier drives (Universal, Warner and Sony) and those David Halliday and Laura Estimates On the other hand, were in the hall Paris court hearings. They separated last March 15 at TGI Nanterre, who owed him decide to recognize or not freedom Californian Johnny Hallyday French law. The debate will resume in March. This morning it was not, therefore, no question of ownership Johnny assets, but moral right over his image and his work, which includes the fees collected by album sales (millions of euros at stake).

⋙ Legacy Johnny Hallyday: hearing on the moral rights returned from a breaking news? (Update)

Again, the will Johnny Hallyday means Laetishiya Holliday legatees outsole. but David Halliday as Laura SmeI have to call them, that these rights are divided into four equal parts, between the four children Taulier. The session began with a stunning: Wednesday, lawyers were informed that the confidence of Bank of America, which manages the trust Johnny (which were placed all his assets) for Laetishiya Halliday, resigned.

⋙ Heritage Bar Johnny Hallyday David and Laurie to & # 39; are frozen royalties Laetishiya Holliday

The probability, chance or manipulation to gain time? If the party Laetishiya Holliday, I asked a link to the clan David Halliday and Laura EstimatesWhat we want most of all to freeze for a fee that the widow is not the pockets of huge fees associated with the sale of the latest album My country loveFinally, the Paris court refused to hand over the hearing and discussion can continue. The first (small) children round won Johnny Hallyday.

⋙ Laetishie Holliday increasingly isolated: now supports a close friend of David Hallyday

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