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Internet-Box: RED by SFR and SOSH 2 deals outbreak will miss ?


On one ISP to another, the rates for Internet field can vary very considerably. It is still the case that some operators have flash offers, as is happening today in the Red SFR and SOSH. Both ISPs have very big bets right now, but the deal will expire in the next few days. All information below.

RED on SFR: box end Internet

It should be recognized that the internet boxing ADR on SFR is now invincible. You can compare it to a SOSH and Bouygues Telecom, which we present below, and you will realize that this is an exceptional offer. However, this advancement in internet RED box on SFRU already terminated Monday, April 1 (and this is not a fish). So be quick to take advantage.

Currently online RED box on the SFR, which includes fiber (1 Gb / s booting, 200 MB / s transfer) and unlimited calls to fixed and mobile is available for 22 € per month. As a rule, you have to add € 5 monthly fee for high-speed broadband access (otherwise you'll have to settle for 200 MB / s for download) and € 5 extra for unlimited calls to landlines. Suggestion box on the Internet are therefore available for 22 € now, against € 32 in normal times. TV option is available from € 2 per month.

But RED on SFRU comes with other benefits that provide maximum flexibility for the customer: an online box without commitment, which allows the client to stop if it is no longer of interest, and secondly, the price shown above is valid for life, and so there is no the risk of changes in price after one year. As will be shown below, these two advantages are very few (if any) among competitors.

With its proposal on the Internet box, RED via SFR is positioned as a benchmark in the market. Without the offer, of course, because he & # 39 is flexible, as it allows you to select options for a la carte. But this action, it is definitely the best market for Internet boxing.

To redeem the offer, you must subscribe before April 1:

See the red offers SFR

Box SOSH no obligation

If the RED brand to SFR SFR without obligation SOSH with & # 39 is that the Orange. These are the only two brands that offer both mobile plan without obligation and Internet windows without obligation. Currently, and until April 3, SOSH provider also offers a lot in his field, you will find the details below.

Internet SOSH window includes orange broadband network (300 Mb / s downloading 300 MB / s transfer) and unlimited calls to landlines and Orange mobile TV for € 19,99 per month for the first year. After this period, the rate rises to 29.99 euros per month. Please note that you can add additional unlimited calls to mobile phones (5 € per month), as well as a TV with a decoder (5 € per month).

To open an online SOSH window, it's this:

offer SOSH

Bouygues Telecom in ambush

While the RED for the SFO and SOSH two brands are available only on the Internet, and are not of the & # 39 are required, Bouygues Telecom with a & # 39 is one of the traditional players. But the provider has some very good arguments in his online course, and it is also now offering a good discount on it to another box.

  • For those who do not have the right to the first fiber Fit BBox Bouygues Telecom with the & # 39 is a good compromise. It includes DSL and unlimited calls to landlines for € 14.99 per month for the first year and € 24.99 per month thereafter. This offer requires a commitment of one year.
  • The first box includes Internet Bouygues Telecom Bbox Fiber to the & # 39 is optional. It includes the speed of 500 MB / s download, 300 MB / s transfer, unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles and TV for € 19,99 per month for the first year and € 34,99 per months later. In addition, with a commitment of at least one year.
  • And, finally, the leading Internet Box Bouygues Telecom, Bbox except Ultym. It includes a very high speed of 1 Gbit / s upload, / s transfer 500 MB (only operator to do so), unlimited calls to landlines and mobile TV, LeKiosk bouquet and a bonus of 24 99 € per month the first year and € 41.99 per month thereafter. It includes a commitment period of the year.

Bouygues Telecom with a & # 39 is a very reliable player in the Internet field, it is also considered one of the best in France by ARCEP networks. The above proposals with the & # 39 are really compelling to the traditional Internet service providers, especially only offer such high interest rates. If you want to have a good connection, then it is that we have to go. Shares are also limited to the Internet field, Bouygues Telecom, better be quick.

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