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Jade roller, beauty trend on Instagram, he has real benefits?


BEAUTY – bloggers and celebrities will spend more. In recent months, jade roll broke into the social networks including Instagram. This beauty accessory made of semiprecious stones, allows for facial massage, As you can see in the video above, It is sometimes used in the Chinese tradition of high society centuries ago women.

Jade Stone was then used for the treatment of stones (gall bladder and kidneys) to lower the temperature or to control certain emotions. Advantages of stone combined with the mechanical aspect of the roll. Outside-in movement allows you to activate blood circulation, to erase the bags under the eyes or the tone and relax. "It's almost the time of meditation. He is alone in her bathroom, and it will take 5 minutes for yourself, "says Larin lithothérapeute to Baldassara HuffPost.

Jade roller can be used in different ways. Located in the cold before use, it helps to activate blood circulation. This, of course, affects the skin, but also on other areas of the body such as scars or elsewhere. Larin Baldassara acts, for example, soak in a jar of cream at night, so that the material is impregnated stone. "The video can be full of various tools for working with stone," concludes lithothérapeute.

rose quartz rollers, but not jade?

How to know if a roll with & # 39 is a true jade stone? February 25 on Twitter, Emmanuelle blog «Janis Sugar» released a video in which she unpacked the box containing jade bead. The product is immersed French company has come directly from a Chinese website Aliexpress bought a few euros. "Working with jade & # 39 is complex and expensive. Almost all of the videos are not sold jade. If they were, it would cost several thousand euros. Often rolls restored serpentine, "said Jean-Marc Tribulation, traditional Chinese medicine.

Some sites also offer rolls made from other stones. They refused pink quartz product or amethyst. These minerals do not have the same advantages. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the first release of sadness and balance the emotions of the heart. As for the second, it will have an impact on the nervous system and bring a lot of peace of mind.

If jade rollers are not designed with real stone, Jean-Marc Tribulation still wants to calm. "Roller allows you to massage the delicate passage, cold, thin. Benefits undoubtedly the most of this time and of this delicacy. "

Unfortunately, except for the purchase of "Sur & # 39; oznyh" sites, no other advice was not given these two experts to avoid getting stuck with a plastic product.

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