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Lenin argued defense of provocation


The lawyer tried to gather information and outreach to civil party objections earlier. "Protection of provocation pronounced legally. There are in fact a duty, "insisted the defender. Without characterization of the facts is a fatal blow to death without intention to kill, the Council recognized the acquittal. Especially because, according to him, this issue should be studied in the light of the facts and not sensationalism.

Indictment Chamber should admit the alleged killer and his Bar Ababacar Diagne held provocation defense. "They fought to be" remembered Lenin Šo. Attorney Cheikh Faye Chamberlain Béthio Thioune, trying to instill doubt in the minds of the judges, rejecting any intention to kill another of his client Khadim Seck.
The public prosecutor and the civil party, they claimed that he shot the victim, Ababacar Diagne. In addition, they confirmed that the witnesses heard two people talking directly to the sound of shots. It represents a huge issue for me to live so Abdourahmane says "Lenin", in this case, when, he said, the blur has spread from the start.

"There have been previous threats and insults. If this is not a provocation, to be told that, "he pleaded. "The support that was no problem before, it is contrary to all logic! Victim ceased to be threatening in previous months, "according to the defender.

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