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Manchester City prediction koy, chain … Pre-Game Live

Lyon - Manchester City prediction koy, chain ... Pre-Game Live

MATCH LYON – Manchester City 2018 – Lyon dream of a new feat against Manchester City today to ensure their qualification in the eighth round. Time, TV channel, streaming probably Compo, statements … Follow the news in a live game.

6:18 pm – Many missing City

Side Manchester City, Pep Guardiola has deprived many players injured, especially in midfield where Kevin De Bruyne missed, Bernardo Silva and Gundogan. This is a young Phil Foden (18), which is expected to start today. "I wish I had his full strength, but we will do our best explained Guardiola. Phil Foden ready. He is much stronger than before. Every time I see him, I'm impressed. " Manchester City are likely koy : Ederson – Walker, Stones, Laporte, Delphi – D. Silva, Fernandinho, Foden – Sterling, Aguero, Mahrez.

6:10 pm – The likely KOMPO Lyon vs Manchester City

If Nabil Fekir be declared fit for service, to offer part of Lyon team to close eleven deviation today against Manchester City. Number OL including Anthony Lopez, at the gate to hang a positive result. "It was decisive in the derby on Friday, has allowed us to stay in the game, it is very important, and it gives a lot of confidence to the defense and to the whole team, yesterday said his coach. We need more Antho like to go. " Likely KOMPO Lyon : Lopes – Denayer, Marcelo Morel – Rafael Ndombele, Tousart, Aouar, Mendy – Fekir, Depay.

6:03 pm – What results qualify Lyon today?

By Lyon – Manchester City, the data simply for PR: it will be called this evening before the last day of the group stage, when he would & # 39; e City. In case of a tie, it can also get their qualifications in the event of a draw between Hoffenheim and Donetsk. If defeated, nothing will be lost, but will be made on the last day of the matches of Donetsk – Lyon and Manchester City – Hoffenheim.

17:56 – Update on the standings before Lyon – Manchester City

In this Group F, Manchester City leads the standings after four days. The English team has 9 points ahead of Lyon (6 points), Hoffenheim (3 points) and Shakhtar (2 points). Thus, all these commands can still believe in the final eighth in qualifying until the last two days.

5:50 pm – Manchester City is well on track after its opening defeat by Lyon

After the performance against sustained against Lyon in September, Manchester City fully patched it, as he recalled the coach Pep Guardiola, yesterday during a press conference: "If we lose our first game at home, chickens difficult phase, but we won our next three matches and we are fortunate that our opponents draws. he was able to respond, and that's what was important to do. in Lyon, we are able to provide their qualifications. It is not just to win three away games, but we will try to do it, and then try to finish in the group. "

5:45 pm – Guardiola (City) fears Lyon

Pep Guardiola, coach of citizens, returned yesterday to the first match between Lyon and Manchester City, won Gones «OL better than they were at the top in the first period were successfully implemented .. head is slightly different, but we OL was higher throughout the match." Spanish coach also detail the quality of the eleven Bruno Genesio:.. «is a quality team that has a similar style of our Fekir is a world-class player Memphis he did not hesitate to change .. and that makes them very dangerous OL struck me in Manchester is a really good team (…) There is no magic Roshen i. no one approach does not guarantee victory, but I think our best to take. My job is to convince his players to follow me. And tomorrow will require that we adapt to a very good opponent. French clubs are always very strong. we have seen this summer, with the French victory in the world Cup. "

5:40 pm – KM & # 39; union with Manchester City for Denayer (Lyon)

Jason denayer that should hold today in the defense of Lyons, spent four years in the framework of a contract with Manchester City. Despite the fact that he was loaned many times, the Belgian player has not forgotten his time at nationals. "I learned a lot at Manchester City, I got the experience," he said yesterday, before giving his opinion on the recruitment strategy: "We put up a tactical to prevent the city to kill. They have great offensive potential. we will try to do something, especially on the counterattack. All teams have a small flaw, and it is for us to build on them. "

5:37 pm – Fekir he holds against Manchester City?

Released at halftime against Saint Etienne on Friday Nabil Fekir crotch confused for several weeks. The player said he was ready for it Lyon – Manchester City, but Bruno Genesio brought the downside, yesterday to the press, while being confident about his participation: "It is our captain, one of the most important players in the team, but it is very it is important that it is 100%. We see, in his feelings, but I am optimistic. "

5:34 pm – What is the forecast for Lyon – Manchester City?

Given the surprising result for the feet (OL 2-1 victory), the forecast looks difficult for a new clash between Lyon and Manchester City. The English victory, however, most likely, according to the Paris Internet sites by a factor of 1.35 and 1.40, the null result between 4.75 and 5:25, and between 6.50 and 7.50 Lyon success.

5:31 pm – Genesio (Lyon) details the strengths of Manchester City

Asked about tactics Lyon – Manchester City Bruno Genesio explained: "As it is usually from 70 to 75% of possession, it is easy for him, since, by definition, they attack and they were very upset, because the opposite the team has very little with the ball. is a team that has a very compact unit that presses very quickly and with great intensity to lose the ball, choking you, so many things that allow them to be water-resistant and do not miss a lot of goals (… ) He is sure that if we go by their last game (4-0 win over West Ham) may be concerned, but I think just about the only way to put them in difficulty to play. When we are happy to defend against these kinds of teams, it's about to go through at some point a feat individual, gorgeous goal, kicked off … and play the game. This will be especially no regrets at the end of this match. "

5:29 pm – Genesio before Lyon – Manchester City: "The decision of the match with the ambition"

Bruno Genesio, Lyon coach, said before the match Lyon – Manchester City on Monday at a press conference. "Manchester City is a & # 39 is one of the best teams in Europe and to the & # 39 is one of the three or four favorites to win Champions League, he said, in particular. For us, it was a feat to beat them to go. We will approach the game with a lot of humility, of course, but a lot of ambition, because I think it is definitely the only way to worry again. After this game, we know that it will be difficult, but we have already done, so you have to believe in yourself. "

5:17 pm – Analysis Di Meco before Lyon – Manchester City

Di Meco has put its analysis of progress in the columns, on Monday, before Lyon – Manchester City. "The meeting should be different from the way he said, in particular. That night I found out Manchester City and I thought that it was not self-confidence. but he is not worsened Lyon. (…) form of ownership will be for the city of Lyon will resist and negotiating the best news cons (…) OL, of course, to vote favorably in the basin, and will not have the pressure of playing "RMC consultant refuses however to predict:." I, certainly will not be published, however, very few people had the right to go to the match Manchester City earned to win the Champions League .. with such a team, you can take the zipper at any time and the two clubs are not boxing in the same category. But Lyon has its role to play, of course (…) I hope that this will be in the second round. "

5:10 pm – On the chain, see Lyon – Manchester City on TV?

This RMC Sport 1 channel providing today's clash between Lyon and Manchester City today from 21 pm to TV and video streaming. Access to distribution with & # 39 is for subscribers only. Di Meco, former defender will include comments.

5:05 pm – Manchester City's impressive series

By Lyon – Manchester City, citizens are on a series of seven consecutive victories, beating 30 goals and only 2 goals conceded! The last team to win the city of Liverpool held on 7 October in the league, and the last exercise to beat her … Lyon, 19 September, in the Champions League.

4:58 pm – Lyon dominated Manchester City Komsomol

Young Lyonnais have set an example of their elders, won in good style against Manchester City in the second half of the day, thanks to goals from Rafi and Solet.


The composition of the OL should be structured 3-5-2. Likely KOMPO Lyon : Lopes – Denayer, Marcelo Morel – Rafael Ndombele, Tousart, Aouar, Mendy – Fekir, Depay. Meanwhile, citizens should follow the configuration with four defenders. Manchester City are likely koy : Ederson – Walker, Stones, Laporte, Delphi – D. Silva, Fernandinho, Foden – Sterling, Aguero, Mahrez.

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