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Netflix: You know, all these French original series? [2/2]


To date, Netflix welcomes three French original series streaming on your platform: Marseilles. heart Map as osmosisPresented a few days ago. Huge in FranceThe series is about the life of comedian Gad Elmaleh, will be available from 12 April. However, the service plans to introduce more content in France. Here is a list of upcoming projects.

Netflix: You know, all these French original series? [1/2]

What Netflix original French series he is preparing?

family business

Netflix announced a series of only a few months ago, announced that it will focus on the lives of thirty-Joseph, a man who wants to turn the family butcher shop in cannabis, when he learns that he will be legalized. Gérard Darmon, Julia Piaton and Jonathan Cohen among actors. Six episodes of thirty minutes, family business released on the platform this year.

Netflix Family Business

Arsene Lupine

Netflix is ​​attacking the French original series, again the story of Arsene Lupine, the famous gentleman thief who disguises constantly better achieve their goals. It's Omar Sy, who will play the role of a thief. release date is not known, nor the number of episodes that make up the season.


Most focused on the horror genre, a series of life tell Netflix Emma, ​​a novelist whose characters begin to perceive it reflects life. In total, Marianne has eight episodes of 45 minutes and must have this year.

Netflix Fatal


death Maybe a series on which Netflix as the release to date, as well as MarianneSo we know that this is a story about a group of friends, who must resist the superior forces. release date is not known.

Netflix Fatal


Netflix revealed few details of the French original series vampiresIf not follow the life of a teenager who turns into a vampire, despite the fact that his family & # 39; I'm trying to prevent that. Release date has not been announced.

At the French Revolution

Netflix turns to the history of the French version very again, as it will be the original French series, in which an unknown virus is spread in aristocratic circles. The inventor of the guillotine Joseph Guillotin decides to conduct an investigation. At the French Revolution They should be shot this year and opened in 2020.

Nicolas Anelka

There are some days, Netflix announced four new French original content, including a documentary about Nicolas Anelka, French football player who played as a striker. will discuss his car & # 39; EPA, but also his choice and decision. Currently, streaming platform did not give a release date.


In addition, the French football player, Netflix will dedicate the original documentary about the artist Master GIFT. Again, no specific release date has not been said, but we know that the content will adhere to the singer for a year of his life, a period during which he prepared his tour Fuego Tour.


Dedicated to dance, Netflix documentary series will be dedicated to the life and creative processes of six choreographers. The name is not of & # 39; is official yet, just as the release date motion.

Land and blood

Netflix will work with director Julien Leclercq, to ​​make a film about a & # 39; emergence of drug cartels in the family sawmill. Land and blood It has no release date.


Netflix has partnered with the TF1, to produce a series of events that portray Paris in the 19th century, immediately after ujn fire, which left hundreds dead. bazaar They will address topics such as identity, betrayal and feelings. In total, it will have eight episodes of 52 minutes and must be broadcast on TF1 and Netflix in the second quarter of this year.

Netflix TF1 series bazaar

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