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P & # 39; ECA depicting the saga of Lehman Brothers for the first time in the US


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Within a few months, Lehman Brothers, the founders of the bank with his name, which precipitated the financial crisis in 2008, returned to New York – and they have a lot to say about the vices and virtues of American capitalism.

Henry, Emanuel and Mayer Lehman with & # 39 are the stars n & # 39; play enumerating the three brothers of Jewish immigrants from Germany, and their son, from a small cotton brokerage in the global financial giant Alabama is known that the investment bank Lehman Brothers, having gone through a civil war and the collapse of the stock market in 1929, before spectacularly bankrupt in 2008.

«The Trilogy Lehman," which debuted in Paris in 2013, before adapting throughout Europe, playing for the first time in the United States this week at the Park Avenue Armory in Manhattan, in the English version of the previously played in London.

In place of the speech is just a few blocks away, where the two brothers, as well as the former headquarters of the group lived.

Directed by Sam Mendes and Oscar winner, who lived in New York in 2008, adapted the play for an American audience.

"In London, it was the most comical," he explained during a discussion in New York. "This is as if we were closer to the heart of history and it means that you have to take it a little more serious & # 39; ozna, and you should be more careful about how you formulate things."

Adaptation of only three actors who embody the three brothers, but their son, customers, competitors and wives, for more than three hours.

Lehman Brothers had been motivated by a desire to have a better life than "zero series", as told at one point the character of Philip Lehman, the son of Emmanuel.

The screenplay was adapted by playwright Ben Power from the text of 400 pages, written by the Italian author Stephen Massini. Some versions of this game sometimes lasted for ten hours, with much larger castings says Ben Power, speaking understand Europeans' interest in Lehman.

"This is the story of European immigrants came to this country to build something," he said. "Sometimes it takes an outsider to show you myself."

– "Silver" – Sellers

The saga begins in 1844 with the arrival in New York, senior, Hayum Lehmann, who soon changed his name to Henry Lehman before moving to Alabama, and set up shop.

«Lehman Brothers» created after the arrival of the two younger brothers, in 1850, and is growing rapidly. The company finances the railroad, new industries, such as aeronautics, but also entertainment company.

Their efforts have helped make the United States a world state, but gradually the company takes more risky direction.

"We are sellers of money," said Philip Lehman for his father and uncle, when Mayer took control of the company. "We're using the money to make money."

Reckless speculation created a bubble, which ended with the collapse of 1929 – an event that predicted the crisis of 2008, and noted in particular by the suicide of brokers, which are derived from the upper part of the building or shoot himself in the head.

In another harbinger of a scene, Bobby, son of Philip Lehman and the last of the family & # 39; and to lead the bank, Lewis Glucksman seeks to create a sales department located outside the seat.

"I'm doing the dirty work there in the ditch," warned Mr. Glucksman. "The sales department will make millions every day, but you can not flaunt it in the living room."

According to Ben-Power, «piece of trying to see how people lose control over what they produce."

"There was a nobility in the beginning. These structures were created in part to make money, but partly also to do well, "he said. "It evolved very bad, and we are still living with the consequences."

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