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People do not want to rent for sale is 8000 hectares


The old demons can wake up in Mbanya. The population is protesting against the sale of rental area of ​​8,000 hectares of the lease to the developer Cheyhu Emidio Kane. They warned the latter and the state bodies.


The microphone Rfm, spokeswoman population Mbanya commune, Mamadou Diane stated that "the population of the commune do not agree Mbanya. We did not agree with the sale of 8,000 hectares. We are only on land. That should be enough. We appeal to the governor, especially to the Minister Interior Minister Ali Ngyui Ndyyae, to the President of the Republic, especially subfektu. "


Residents Mbanya increased, because they are against against promoters Sheikh amide Kane. In march, well framed by the gendarmerie, they raised red armbands and said "no" to sell the lease of 8,000 hectares of their land.

fighting continues

These people Mbanya not intend to give up and do not want to put an end to this injustice. And Mr. Diane adds that "if this continues, we will leave this village. More than 40 thousand inhabitants, we will come out with all the necessary means."

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