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R. Kelly: His lawyers stress the fact that he can not read


R.Kelly. mentioned 10 episodes of sexual abuse and rape of minors, a big risk. If the translator tube " I trust I can fly "Continues to deny the facts, justice, is becoming increasingly important. Lawyers them stars, but do not lose hope and continue to fight on behalf of the singer.

Indeed, at the beginning of last week, the singer was not present at the hearing to consider the appeal Heather Williams. At the age of 16 at the time of the alleged assault, the young woman decided to resolve this issue is now in court. Nevertheless, R.Kelly Sun knowing not read, I did not attend the hearing. Judged by default Robert Kelly something about him, illuminating his absence.

R.Kelly, unusual protection

Faced with a protest, his lawyers, master Abdullah and Shalaby, I decided to play on his ignorance to justify his client. According to them, he will never study documents complaints because these few difficulties. The result, he could not take adequate measures to protect yourself properly. Besides, he would not have received the documents required, since, at the same time, the singer was detained in prison COCFor non-payment of child support he must andrea LeeHis ex-wife.

Illiteracy, R.Kelly did not hide

There are a few years old, the singer, he openly talked about his learning difficulties. According to him, thanks SMS that his daughter sent him what he had learned, more or less decipher. Child, learn exhausted. Nha arrival R.Kelly He admitted that he struggled for years before finally realizing that it was doomed to failure. " I seemed to hear the orchestra n & # 39; play anyway " he assured then press.

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