Monday , April 12 2021

Senegal between Protester approach or election

After two democratic alternation in our country, the border is strictly electoral democracy is evident, as well as the need to promote popular initiatives of public protest against the policy in the interests of people, often to the detriment.
The struggle for economic and social rights should take their place in the political system and stop the marginalization of politicians, obsessed with electoral matters.
The inability of parliamentary representation and the court to defend the democratic standards, the interests of the people, there are more and more questions about the site of action of protest citizen in our democratic system.
From this perspective, the movement "Yellow Jackets" in France especially resonates in the heart of Senegalese citizens who are the living conditions of even greater catastrophic than those of their French counterparts.
Despite the timid efforts of the current government, overly mounted terminals, with a program with a strong electoral connotations (PUDC, PUMA PRACAS, PROMOVILLES …), access to basic social services is still very low. This can be confirmed by the daily complaints of people on the lack of school infrastructure, health and safety in their own land, through the airwaves of various radio and television channels of the country.
These public services (such as health, education, justice), in addition to being inadequate especially inefficient, resulting in lower user satisfaction and dissatisfaction of workers, watching the incessant blows.
But the suras & # 39; oznaya problem faced by the government to be unprecedented challenges faced by younger layers of our country, which constitute the overwhelming majority of the population in the area of ​​education and professional integration.
This leads some of them won idleness fall into the clutches of (drug addiction, violence, and other criminal activities) or accept simple solutions, such as illegal immigration.
The last period was able to build on the Senegalese government incompetence in the management of higher education, among other things discloses the expulsion of students in private colleges or closing canteens, after non-payment providers, when national resources are spent on lavish expenses (TER Illa Touba, an administrative building, … CICAD )
If we add to this doubled the economic gloom of social unrest, political crisis in pregnancy, because of the manipulation of the judicial system and the unilateral termination of the power of consensus on the electoral process, we must recognize that all the ingredients of a social explosion came.
If a lawyer is an ostrich policy is not clear that the dismissal precipitated the use of the former mayor of Dakar to the Supreme Court and declared the candidate of PDS return may be triggering factors of overheating the socio-political climate, which is said to start worrying Western powers.
If necessary, we risk attend leadership Rebel process without dominance, because the state of separation in which there is a political opposition and isolation of particular interest due to software platforms,
In addition, desperately seeking the support of some religious forces, the government could jeopardize the function of social mediation, which is usually assigned to them.
Finally, the twisting of the neck with internationally recognized legal norms and the specialized agencies of the UN and the OS constantly remind him, in recent years, the government has Macky Sally heart of disputes need to review the trial hit print illegality. It is not a question here and now to vote for a candidate, accused of involvement in financial scandals, but to protect the right of every citizen to Senegalese perfect justice and introduce yourself to all kinds of elections as long as it meets the legal requirements to do so.
However, there is no doubt that the potential liability previously disorders, intra- and post-election all the responsibility of the present government, which is used and abused to tint the constitutional and electoral tricks.
Our country can undergo delicate phase where he will defend the rule of law and prevent the installation of a strong regime.
This is because the responsibility of young people is particularly active in this regard, the government is trying to appease and to disrupt the process of awareness through clientelistic funding or set of policies …
Fortunately, many young people are starting to realize the harm neocolonial system in force in our country since 1960, and to identify the emerging new political forces and refraction.

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