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She always wants to Nikos Aliagas


Aya Nakamura always want Nikos Aliagas and informed. Propelled to fame with her hit DjadjaSinger 23 years, was invited to speak at the stage of the NRJ Music Awards last November. But things were not going as planned.

The owner of the ceremony was really peel his name announced to the public with the performance " Nakamura ". One mistake that Leo also did a few hours later, a woman named " Ava ".

What do the main interest in a rage. " We do not invite people, if you can not say their names correctly !! "She wrote on her Twitter account, after the ceremony. The singer also made it clear that it was " last time "She attended the award, she returned empty-handed, while she was nominated for the price of the French artist of the year and song of the year.

Five months later, Aya Nakamura did not budge. In an interview with & # 39; w Télé 7 JoursThe artist said that he was still waiting for an apology from Nikos Aliagas. " He could have at least called me. They told me to give him a call after my posts on Twitter, where I gave some things right, but I think it's more likely for him to make a move. I have cash. I'm waiting for him to call … "She snapped. One thing is certain, the young woman will never be a friend TF1 host star.

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