Wednesday , November 13 2019
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SKeyes: suspended the air traffic controllers



Strike of air traffic controllers were suspended after the mediation process, which was launched, announced on Monday, CEO of collective labor relations (FPS Employment).

Management and unions (CSC-Transcom, FGTB-CSPF and PSSHLY) autonomous SKeyes public companies (former Begocontrol) began last talks on Friday to resolve a labor dispute under the control of two FPS social intermediaries Employment, Labor and Social Dialogue (Collective Labor Relations Department) It said in a statement.

"Industrial action is suspended in the reconciliation process and the discussion will not be done in such a way that mediation takes place in a very relaxed environment, as far as possible, and that the chances of the transaction will be realized," emphasizes CEO.

SKeyes (former Belgocontrol) worth several weeks in an industrial dispute after a notice of strike with the CAC and the liberal Union. The tension revolves around a particular organization and workload.

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