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St. Louis Jazz 2019 – Delivery of Senegal National Jazz Orchestra: from jazz and folk to the menu


Music is a matter for professionals. You had to be in place to implement Faidherbe. Jazz Section of the National Orchestra proved that jazz was born in Africa, and that nothing prevents the Africans to mix their music. Classical Music upgraded to the promotion of young talent, the national orchestra just do the job!

Jazz Section of the National Orchestra also played its assessment of the International Jazz Festival in St. Louis. Scheduled for the second day, the group, consisting mainly of experienced musicians, offered publicly jazz and folk comforts of home with guests from local artists. Unlike Mauritania jump in the past, and the opening in the future, as the National Orchestra threw public. Who should be noted sometimes plagued by so many foreign sounds. Several times mbalax not displease anyone. This is what the National Orchestra understood so well. From Manjou through Massala Sissy, classic processed at a jazz background to the satisfaction of the purists and progressives. After a few songs, the National Orchestra shared the stage with Mama Sadio Tex and other young talents. This return workshops for 4 days! The result is simply beautiful.
The merger of traditional and contemporary instruments, this is a classic jazz worthy of the name, which is served to the public. It was expertly prepared long before. First is a young mother Fily Walfroi, who appreciates filed Senegalese musician, Khabane Diop, Edward Valfroi Habib Faye, among other things, will be replaced on the scene for a fun young Mexican style before Sadio mother heats in turn place in the folklore style.
And all this only lasted for half an hour. Positive resolution on the audience's faces. and

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