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The actor was in favor of a "comprehensive approach", "in the care of the disabled


Dakar, 30 Berezno (APS) – President of the Association of SOS Handicap Lamine Dabo expressed the need for the Senegalese government to allocate a comprehensive approach to caring for people with disabilities,

Our most important requirement to the & # 39; is the creation of an institutional framework for the solution of our problems in an integrated approach, he suggested on Saturday at a press conference.

"" One of the obstacles to the advancement of people with disabilities with the & # 39 is a sectoral approach. There are certain steps that ministers can easily set up, but the difficulty is purely sectoral. There is no comprehensive approach '' said Dabo.

"The implementation of an integrated approach should go to create a structure that is designed exclusively for the control problems of people with disabilities", "said the president of SOS handicap.

"Socio-economic and cultural struggle of people with disabilities in recent years has developed legal and institutional framework. The first is now accepted, but the second, a more fundamental challenge to put in place, "he recalls.

"If you have a problem for children's education, you need to approach the Ministry of Education. If it's a health issue, you must go to the Ministry of Health, because we have a sectoral approach, "stressed Lamine Dabo.

According to him, the will of the leaders, it is clear that the social struggle of organizations of disabled persons deserves more respect.


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