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The Case of the farmer Paul Franana: Monsanto (Bayer) is on appeal


Paris (awp / afp) – German agro-chemical giant Bayer, whose owner since last year Monsanto appealed an appeal after losing several lawsuits against the farmer Paul Francois, who accuses him of being responsible for intoxication in 2004, announced on Sunday a group that confirms the information on the JDD.

"In the case of Mr. Paul Francois Monsanto with the SAS in the case Lasso (…) it was decided to appeal in cassation," – he told AFP Bayer, which bought the American Monsanto in 2018.

Paul François, farmer grain Charente, was poisoned in April 2004, after inhalation of a pair with the lasso, the herbicide of Monsanto, which was banned in France in three years and was hospitalized for a long time.

Since then, the farmer accused the group that he is responsible for the up & # 39; yanenne, and brought the case to court, demanding more than a million euros. He also says that he suffers serious & # 39; serious neurological disease, which is disputed by Monsanto and, in the future, Bayer.

Justice partially substantiated François three times, the last time abskardivshysya in Lyon in April of last year: ruled that Monsanto had to show special dangers of using the product in the case of tanks, but not commented on the toxicity of the Lasso.

"His markings conform to the requirements of the marketing authorization", – says Bayer.

In addition, "medical experts appointed by the court of first instance, found no physical ailments that cause Francois," added the group. "This experience has been confirmed by the Court of Appeal."

Francois, contact the AFP, did not immediately respond.

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