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The fifth anniversary of Macky Sall – The new government: a list of El-Hadji Kasi priorities Head of State …


President Macky Sall was re-elected with 58.26% of the votes in the presidential 2019 Thus, he will make war Tuesday, April 2, in Diamniadio to identify later "dream team" who will accompany him during his five years.

However, the question for some time, President Macky Sall he will establish the government of complacency, or he will choose his team, in accordance with their abilities? At a time when the major challenges remain.

El Haji Hamid Kos was a guest on the show "objection" in the South fme. Minister Counselor in charge of communication for the President of the Republic returned to the priority of President Macky Sally. Thus, youth employment remains one of the priorities of the head of state with the " SMEs in all areas of the food industry in the mining, oil, etc., and it will generate hundreds of thousands of jobs …"

" There are two different other initiatives, including the solidarity economy will also create jobs and, finally, there is the digital economy with a & # 39 is the third major initiative, which will obviously create jobs. In addition, agriculture, culture …"All areas which, according to El-Hadji cashier with & # 39 are the generators of jobs. More than a million jobs, he promises. So to say that " employment problem can not be".

He gives his reasons: " I must say that for 7 years, we have so far created more than 500,000 jobs (…), with the exception of agricultural and trade jobs. This means that if we take into account these two areas, we have more than 500,000 jobs. Even if we have set up three (3) million jobs, it does not solve the problem. Since there are structural constraints orders that need to be solved, we have to adjust to create full employment … "To this end, he returned to the question of training, because it reminds us that there are many young people who are looking for work, and who do not have the necessary training. Or others who have been well trained, " but unfortunately, the profiles do not meet the requirements of the market … that requires a lot of knowledge, for example in the field of construction … trading oil … "

In another, he was arrested on the formation of a new government with President Macky Sally, who can be held hostage by their allies when most demanding their share.

According to the minister-counselor, President Macky Sall only knows what it will do. " Everyone can testify the human dimension of the State President Sally. Because he knows that manage state affairs in the largest of the considerations of public decisions. And this is what we demand a statesman. And that, I think we can give it a rating and, of course, 20/20, first. And secondly, President Macky Sall holds in respect, sincere Bby coalition. The first principle and experience. Basically, because the president believes that democracy can not be reduced to a constant confrontation in the minority and the majority. This is a democracy, even begins to search for a consensus. And Bby Coalition illustrates this principle. Because from 2012 to 2019, held Bby, she resisted, she went through the test, she faces the poor out & # 39; it has been extended and even paying the luxury of welcoming a new life force of the nation"That, according to El-Hadji Kasi installed Senegal durable political stability, but especially considering the system is stable, peaceful … So the confidence of donors.

" I have not heard, the President said that he should dissolve Ben Bock Yakaar coalition (Bby) …"He would like to clarify. Not unlike some opposition coalitions that make " not the last".

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