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The plaintiff claims 3 billion CFA francs


Asking judge sentence accused Mr. Tour Khassimou, civil claimant attorney in the case of dual killing Madinatoul Salama asked 3 billion francs CFA by compensating successors Bara Sow and Ababacar Diagne.

"I asked a symbolic franc, but it would have been to betray his conscience mandates. They asked me to hit for the crime does not occur in the country. Kadi Pend Fairies mother Ababacar Diagne was decent. His son had been buried alive. Ousmane Sow, Bar brother was also brave in the race. "

"Bar sows can be a judge or a lawyer. He was a brilliant student. These seven & # 39; and suffered all kinds of damage. FCFA $ 3000000000 not capricious, as the amount is not fantastic for human life, "said the lawyer.

I Khassimou Toure said he made the request on the basis of the law and on the basis of the facts to the honorable cash assistance.

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