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The prosecution demands prison and regulations: Béthio in trouble


Tried in absentia in the case of double murder Médinatoul Salam Béthio Thioune and 15 other defendants face life imprisonment. The prosecutor has requested an international warrant for the seizure and confiscation of property.

No doubt Béthio Thioune did not sleep that night. In Bordeaux, to restore his health, he should stop the charges the prosecutor of the Supreme Court Mbour forced labor for life and an international arrest warrant. Tried in absentia, he found himself in the crosshairs of prosecutors whose applications entirely deconstructed his lawyers. The die is cast.
During the second half of the day yesterday, he said, evidence that incriminate Sheikh Béthio, especially with regard to the crime of complicity. Under these conditions, the actual background informative. "Bar II, and the company went to ziara with their management. They came into the world. Unarmed citizens who find themselves suddenly in front of heavily armed men. The attack, which surprised and investigators who were there found evidence that spotted clothes they had brought in a team Mbour. This is after they knew that they anticipated, "according to the prosecutor. According to him, the death of Mr. Diagne minute and a & # 39 is brutal, "Bar They were trapped in the house, kidnapped and beaten disciples of Sheikh Béthio» reminds Youssou Diallo. In any case, he did not fail to denounce the conditions in which two people were killed. "Barbarism, when you are dealing with unwarranted human suffering. Bara Sow, a brilliant young, promising a bright future, has been kidnapped. His companions, who were trying to save him were rejected, and asked them to leave him there. Ababacar Diagne deals with a bar They certainly received a discharge shotgun with 6 seals that have been removed from the body. After he received additional blows and coroner confirmed. He got hit, but he was also lynched, "said the prosecutor, who regretted the violation of the sacred principle of the human person enshrined in the international conventions and the Senegalese Constitution.
He recalled that the investigation could help other arrests. "In this study, there are 19 defendants, 16 are in custody and three on bail. When the police arrested Sheikh on April 23, 2012, that is after some surrendered. For their participation, there are two important steps: death or fight with the subsequent burial later in the evening. Khadim Seck was a battle, and released a 12-gauge shotgun and fired at point blank range in Ababacar Diagne. It was standing in front of investigators, but changed his story in court. The charge is quite comfortable, and the police may arrest more people, "said the prosecutor. He believes that the defendants from & # 39 are representative to clarify the drama Médinatoul Salaam. This indicates that the investigation was on the & # 39 objective. "All the accused admit taking part in a brawl. Confessions were made during the investigation and at the bar. Funeral or I said, burying two people in a mass grave on the sly, two crossed heads. Dissimilation and seeks after this act, to cover their tracks, but the police are not distracted by the scene and saw the nose and finger. This digging they found two bodies, "explains parquetier. He is convinced that the facts of the & # 39 are permanent. "I'll (home) requires consideration of these stories and does not say that this is only the Bara satellites. It witnesses to the facts, since April 2012 the age of the facts is important, "trying to convince the prosecutor.

circumstances make it difficult to blame
He did not flinch, to trigger the barbaric murder. "This is a collective responsibility in the fight, the principle of individual responsibility does not arise here. And recognized to participate in combat, all we had hits, resulting in the death of his bar "regret there. In their submissions, he recalled that the complicity of Mr. Béthio Thioune manifest provocation, threats, abuse of power, "He gave ndiguel, that never wholly surrender Bar uu feet Médinatoul Sal This is a provocation. This religious leader draining Taliban crowds that nurse with delight. He then went on to repeat this statement on TV, but also to the instructor magistrate. Ndiguel there, and they all confirmed. We will insist on the fact that he did not say to kill or give the order to kill his bar, but it has caused. "And the rest of the group? "Makhtar Sow came to him when he saw the crowd, and he did not go in his quest to avoid a fight. He scored his protest against the visit of Bara Sow had in mind. So that partners with Sheikh Béthio Thioune. Much has been made about the plot. This agreement, preliminary consultations with the aim of committing a crime, "he says, recalling that the judge was interested in the functioning of thiantacounes with & # 39 is a great organization, which prevents access to the bar area sown and the company in the home of Sheikh Béthio Thioune. That's why he included even the beneficiary of the pledge in a criminal conspiracy. That of non-crime? "Many people have doubts, knew Sheikh Béthio Thioune. But Sheikh Fay came into his room to tell him. Once reported, it has not confiscated by the authorities, "the prosecutor does not regret. He has a more «Cheikh Faye and Béthio Thioune Sheikh are in the same boat, in connection with the murder charge. Lead author and accomplice incur the same penalty. The plot is set in any place, "continues Youssou Diallo.
In the end, it is required to forced labor for life Sheikh Béthio Thioune, Hadyat Seck Demba Kebe Sheikh Fey, 10 years of hard labor against Mamadou Hann says "Dad» Samba Ng Aziz Mbacke Ndour, Serinte Say Barrot, who was not involved in the murder, but there were . He also sought an order against the beneficiaries of bail. Then he asked the international arrest warrant against the guide thiantacounes, confiscation of assets, placing them at a competitive and publishing them in a book display on the desk of the Supreme Court of Mbour. "In absentia, he will not be able to appeal. The only possibility open to give himself for us to resume the process for him. That's why you should think twice before doing it. Do not mock justice, "concluded the Tg of persecution boss Mbour, where the atmosphere is as icy as stories accompany the court this week.

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