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The state wants you to invest in French companies


Finance Minister Le Maire gave special mission Bpifrance create a system that would allow the French to invest in small and medium-sized enterprises and ETI hexagon.

Instead of letting sleeping taxpayers' money into a savings account or a checking account, Le Maire had an idea, he said in an interview with & # 39; Le Figaro newspaper st. He instructed Bpifrance create a financial product "Patriotic" so that people can invest "Easier" in French companies with experience of the State Bank.

"In the interests of
The French economy "

The idea, which matures for some time to the government and which should be the finished product up to the end of the year. " There is a whole educational work to be done with the financial markets (AMF), to create an appropriate financial vehicle "Policy. Finance Minister strongly believes in this project, which, in their view it "Put their money for the benefit of the French economy and investors (…) in order to finance our businesses and SMEs for their development and growth", The French economy may well turn more equity and less debt.

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In principle, Bpifrance have to do is close the product of the collective investment vehicle through PTP-SMEs. These funds will be invested by the state bank capital it supports. Nevertheless, " selecting only French company in which people could invest it may be perceived as an attack on free movement of capital "Brussels said Philip Crevel in the columns of Les Echos.

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