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"To say that Cheikh serine Touba Béthio, with it & # 39 is the Community Mouride crime disrespectful !!! "


What is your reading of this double murder Médinatoul Salam?

This process is a & # 39 is a landmark case, a new trial and sensitive litigation. By God's grace, Sheikh Ahmad Bamba said Massalikoul Djinaan, «when one knocks on the door with perseverance, we finally get there." We knocked insistently at the door of justice, and we finally enter brilliantly, with dignity, humility. The charges were very serious and seven in number. Therefore, the charges against the accused are very heavy loads. We proceeded carefully to determine responsibility for each other, to establish the blame on each other. I said, third and Bar Ababacar Diagne were massacred, they were brutally buried. Consultation took place, the night a meeting was held to assign tasks to protect some, and slander others. We condemn it all to the bar of the court.

You also claimed three billion by injury, not a fanciful amount?

In our legal system, and permits authorized, I said heir and the heir of his Bar Ababacar Diagne, when a significant amount, as it can not repair the damage that was caused by their seven & # 39; pits, their heirs and their heirs. Was pain and suffering, we must not forget that Ababacar Diagne was buried alive. It was awful! Bara Sow was tortured, brutally attacked. That hurt! It was awful! As their lawyer, as their lawyer, because I had the privilege to earn their trust, I had to play my account in accordance with our policies, in accordance with the law. After all, they shout, I asked that the defendants be ordered to pay them in Solidium is, in solidarity, the amount of 3 billion CFA francs. Teasing, I said that these three billion will not be used to make «» pouthie-paathie «», but these three billion is a worthy main course, easy main course for those people who have suffered prejudice and suffering, who have suffered economic damage social damage suffered psychological and emotional impacts, but continue to live in dignity and honor. The victims left the kid offspring; their future must be ensured. But there is no money, I said, it can not repair the damage that was caused.

And what do you have discussions audience?

I was wrong when I heard one of the wives of Sheikh Béthio that Thioune Sheikh Béthio with & # 39 is Shaykh Ahmad Bamba. I said, what is happening there, too. Sheikh Béthio Sun Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba Sheikh Ahmad Bamba Sun Béthio Sheikh. Sheikh Ahmad Bamba was on another level is much higher, more spiritual. To say that Cheikh serine Touba Béthio, it is a & # 39 is a crime Mouride community & # 39 is the lack of respect to the & # 39 is a crime, Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba, who is not Béthio Thioune Sheikh, regardless of respect and consideration I have for him. Thioune Sheikh Béthio can not be Amada Cheikh Bamba Sheikh Ahmad Bamba can not be Béthio Sheikh. Each has a well-defined on the & # 39; volume.

What do you expect justice in this case, that the titles?

Roughly in the long run, we expect that our righteousness, she said that the right; we expect that our justice she cares little about the widow and the orphan. We expect that our righteousness, she reconstructs the moral, social, sociological and Bar th Ababacar Diagne. Thus, three billion, I asked, fits perfectly into what we might call the classification of monetary reparations. I did not make this request, pure fantasy; I made this request basing themselves deal, but on facts.

It should be financial compensation. I could ask for a symbolic franc, but it will be deception on my part. Or & # 39 is to betray the trust of my constituents asked me to hit hard for the offense was repeated in this country, in this beautiful country, Senegal, which were established harmony, harmony and social life to rule in principle.


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