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Traditional lecture Barth who seeks to contest the election PR


Bartel Dias had not yet made their final word on the outcome of the presidential election.
A few days before the swearing-in of President Macky Sally declared the winner in the first round, politician and mayor of the district Mermoz / Sacred Heart has launched a diagnostic exercise uncompromising electoral register.
This is a real lecture, he wanted to put to prove the illegality of renovation president Macky Sally with the complicity of the highest magistrates of the country, Daf and institutions of the Republic, responsible for organizing the presidency.
His diagnosis of voters was discovered more than 106 non-existent civil registration state center code 04515, non-existent register numbers increased to 09,840 the mayor informs Mermoz / Sacred Heart. If voters' born in Senegal, "he reports that some voters were, as the birthplace of" Senegal "instead of the city. As such, it challenges the Minister of Internal Affairs to deliver a fixing code of Senegal, because he believes that the place of birth necessarily codified.
Functions mode duplicate bis-repetita, Barth notes 155248 voters had the right to file a voter card that already exists.
Socialist politician enemy specifying the mode, however, may not be in the disclosure of personal data, because, as in the case of informants conspiracy …

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