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Volkswagen Golf celebrates 45 years


Golf, the most successful European car, celebrating its 45 years. Indeed, March 29, 1974 Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg, officially began production of what will be its best seller. At that time nobody Volkswagen had no idea that the successor to the legendary Beetle will eventually sell more than 35 million units worldwide, and to this day. The new Golf is controlled somewhere in the world every 41 seconds, every day, without interruption, from the start of production 45 years ago. The average is 780,000 vehicles per year. Here in Algeria, Sovac in partnership with the Volkswagen Golf collects at its plant in Relizane to the delight of motorists. Please note that this car has a reputation for passion and unwavering in our country and that since its first series of & # 39 appeared on our road for 70 years.

Ralf Brandstätter, Deputy General Director of Volkswagen said on this occasion: "Golf is the heart of our brand. it represents progress and technology like no other car. For example, for the first time, stockings security technologies have been available for millions of people. She noted a whole generation "Brandstätter went on." For seven generations, the Volkswagen Golf promotes development as a brand and the group, one of the largest car manufacturers in the world. "

Stefan Loth, head of the Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg, also said: "In 1974, our staff have been challenged to move from the Beetle to the Golf. Since then we have continuously developed our main factory, and now in addition to the golf, we produce e-golf, golf, the GTE, golf Sportsvan and three other models here in Wolfsburg. "

Volkswagen Golf - Generation one to seven

The beginnings of Golf I:
March 29, 1974: First Golf with rolls conveyor – Start of mass production.
July 8, 1974: Golf is available in salons Volkswagen dealers.
August 5, 1974: Delivery of the new Golf customers.

Small details about VW Golf I (1974):
Design: vehicles with 2 or 4 doors with luggage.
Inside: the trunk of 300 liters and five seats, folding rear seats.
Engines: petrol engine with four cylinders 1.1 L, 50 HP .; Engine four-cylinder petrol engine of 1.5 liters, 570 horsepower.
Front-wheel drive, four-speed manual transmission, optional three-speed automatic
Maximum speed: 140 km / h (50 horsepower manual transmission); 160 km / h (70 hp manual gearbox)
Models: Golf and Golf L (50 HP each); S and golf-LS (70 horses)

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