Monday , April 12 2021

Vote the draft law on the Code of electronic communications environment … no censorship!

After consideration of Saturday, November 25, 2018 Culture and Communication Committee, a draft law number 28/2018 on electronic communications by the Code will be put to a vote in the National Assembly, Wednesday, November 28, 2018. Admitted, it will be the end of a free and open internet in Senegal, now it's censorship.

In order to pass this law in Senegal, he is presented as a tool to combat online abuse, it is a "fake news" and misinformation, because none of the provisions that regulate the use of social networks is not from the & # 39 is in this code, and there is no mention of the social networks, or in the explanatory memorandum, nor in the end.

In fact, it is the legal basis to censor the internet which is set in these presidential elections in February 2019 and Executive Decree has been developed for immediate application of the law after its official publication,

Now the transparency of the presidential election is under threat, and the Internet is becoming a political weapon in the service of the authorities. All in danger of political opponents, civil society organizations, informants, journalists, etc.

Its adoption by the Government and voted deputies confirmed that the Senegalese authorities did not raise the issue of human rights and fundamental freedoms of citizens in the ICT sector at the heart of the digital policy of the country.

Now to Senegalese citizens to draw all the consequences of government decisions that are contrary to the interests of Senegal.

ASUTIC (Senegalese Association of ICT users)

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