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WWE RAW Results April 29, 2019


Credit: WWE

RAWzumé April 29

WWE RAW Lexington, Kentucky

Commentators Michael Cole, Renee Young and Corey Graves.

– The show opens Alexa Bliss and her talk show «» Bliss Moment ». Enjoying said that three weeks to submit its annual WWE show money in the bank. The event will include two MITB match, one for women and one for men. Four RAW Superstar SmackDown and four in every fight with a contract for the league game at the end. Bliss is a member of a male and begins with Braun Strowman happens in the ring. Then he is Ricochet, Drew McIntyre and Corbin Baron. Corbin says it will add a "double MITB winner" to his list in May. Ricochet its balance sheet would be enough "double losers", as it was unable to grow its portfolio after winning in 2017. McIntyre said Ricochet point. Moreover, Corbin stole his victory last Monday, and fell flat against AJ Styles. Corbin replied that it was unfair: AJ Styles had two hours to get ready while he was alone. McIntyre said he was tired of darts. After he won the case, he finally, their destiny in their own hands.

Ricochet said he was not here to talk to them. McIntyre cut down and told him that it is perfect: his firm. He continues to jump around and leaves the big people solve their problems together. Strowman fart in decibel counter and ordered everyone to be silent. He recites the truth is that no one has what it takes to stop Mr. monster in the bank. Then why not offer a preview MITB to the public? Such as MacIntyre and Corbin Ricochet against him!

– Back after a break, the fight begins.

– Tag Team Match

Braun Strowman and Ricochet vs. Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin

At the end of the battle, Strowman did Slam in Corbin and Ricochet does a Shooting Star Press Corbin for the three accounts.

Winners: Braun Strowman and Ricochet

– In turn, the PSB in the wheel. Good Brothers come, as it is now on RAW.

– Tag Team Match

PSB (Jimmy and J) vs. Luke Gallows and Carl Anderson

At the end of the fight, Jae did Superkick to the gallows, and Jimmy takes the tag. The PSB with & # 39 are Double superkick gallows. Jey starts jumping on suicide and Jimmy Anderson made a splash on the gallows for three accounts.

Winners: The OBO

– After the match, OBO took the microphone. George said here on RAW a team likes to call himself "best guys"And they need to talk. Jey recommends enfats sleeping child to enter this segment: We see the backstage video taken earlier today. We see that the PSB surprise dash Wilder, who shaves Scott Dawson back in the shower. The two men do not wear nothing but towels. Revival arrived on the scene. Wilder says that this is because & # 39 is a violation of their privacy! Dawson said he would explain: That a man and a woman have the perfect hair on the back. Thus, if we take into account the size of his hands, he frankly difficult for him to reach his back. And that's why he asks his partner, his best friend, give him a little help. Wilder said that he is always there when his friend needed him. Jimmy wonders if he shaves him something else. Wilder said it enough, they have a battle against team champions tonight, they have no time to waste with this crap. Once this is done, they will take care of the PSBs. Jimmy welcome them to the AUC PSBs.

– The Miz comes to the ring on his MizTV. Miz takes us on the show, and we are demonstrating good to see MizTV resume RAW surroundings. He is ready for new opponents and new guests. Indeed, Meese presents his first guest Bobby Lashley. Miz says that he has to admit, Lashley sends heavy. Lashley Entrance cooled and told him that he will create some rules today. To begin with it will only answer questions that are appropriate to it. (It is important to note that at the present time, Lashley says about himself in the third person.) Miz takes over and said he could not imagine a better guest for his return, but some people claim that Lashley still has not reached its potential and low. Lashley said he returned only after a year, and he has twice Intercontinental Champion. Miz can I say? Miz returns that it has a long history as a hand, and he did it all without a physical object & # 39 has Lashley. Lashley told him that we could talk about what he did, as in the last example of WrestleMania. There's Shane features its good to beat him and his father the old things. Miz failed miserably. Mus jumping Lashley wheel and punches.

– Back, the battle begins.

– Singles Match

Miz vs. Bobby Lashley

During the fight, Shane McMahon comes in the front row. Shane translates Miz photo of his father on the titantron, to distract him. Lashley takes the opportunity to make his spear for the three accounts.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

– After the match, Lashley Shane celebrated. Shane then takes pleasure in hitting Miz. Miz wants to attack-cons, but Lashley holds ground. Shane makes moves on Miz. Shane uses the representation of the ring and yelling that he & # 39 is the best in the world.

– Back, Raiders Viking comes, but they are attacked by Ray House Party! Judge restores calm and spear fighting.

– Tag Team Match

viking raiders (Erik and Ivar) against Kalisto and Grand Metalik Lins accompanied Dorado

At the end of the battle, Viking raiders Viking makes your experience on Kalisto for the three accounts.

Winners: Viking raiders

– After the match takes Eric Dorado ring and they are a combination of German Suplex and ropes in Dorado.

– Back, Alexa Bliss is on for the second step ""moments of happiness& # 39; & # 39;. Enjoying said it At about the & # 39; appearance of the participants in the women's game MITB, Bliss is Natalia. Bliss Natalia thanks for the presentation. Natalya says that she has never been a champion of RAW, but that all changed when he put his hands on the briefcase. Bliss is Dana Brooke, who will participate at the same time, in his first MITB match. Brooke says that she does not. This is his chance to show what it's worth. Natalia and Brooke start yelling. Bliss asked them to stop and a & # 39; presents Naomi. Naomi says she & # 39 is a former champion of SmackDown, and now his eyes on his belt RAW champion. Three women diarrhea. Enjoying said that they are worse than men. Bliss said four women are looking forward to hear his name, and they are spirit, to prevent it on the & # 39; to reveal it. Bliss has announced that the latest entrant is … it! Bliss adds and says that they can all go now and leave the focus MITB twice winner of the match (this). Naomi offers to offer a preview of what will happen in the public May. She could face Bliss. Enjoying says she does not have the right shoes. Naomi said that with or without shoes, she wins. Bliss, finally took the fight.

– It's time for a new episode Firefly Funhouse with Bray Wyatt. Wyatt said he loves painting that is his way of expressing their feelings. No one can touch with us, when we were talking. Doll comes in and asks to see his picture. Wyatt shows him that burning house. We see someone trapped inside. He hung his portrait on the wall. The second doll – a witch – intervenes and tells him that this is not the time to play. Wyatt takes us to witness and said that the witch behaves like a sociopath. It is also the word of the day: the C-O-C-O-I-R-A-T-H-I. The episode ends with the fact that, Wyatt told us in the near future.

– Back struggle begins.

– Singles Match

Alexa Bliss vs. Naomi

At the end of the fight, Naomi Bliss abstract removing shoes. Naomi makes her rear view and Split Legged moonsault on three accounts.

Winner: Naomi

– Backstage, Rey Mysterio and Dominik prepared. Charly asked his feelings about his match tonight. Ray says it's not easy to be the world's giants. But he always has to stand up. At WrestleMania, he felt humiliated and abandoned WWE UniverseBut all that belongs to the past, he was the best man, and he will prove it tonight against Joe.

– Back, twice champion Becky Lynch in a circle. Charly asked why wants to defend both titles in the same evening. Becky says that nothing is impossible, after that she made at WrestleMania. It has two options: to keep both warm belt or fight. If he can not do just one thing to fight! Charly says she has little chance of keeping his two titles. Becky says that she definitely will not be a double champion when he relied on the statistics. Some thought that Charlotte and Rousey was impossible to beat until the moment she became Becky2BeltBecky ends up with it & # 39 is a woman who made history. Charly asked Lacy Evans punching last Monday was a preview of what will happen in MITB. Lynch said that Evans has only come to the ring and try to put it in. Lacy Evans arrived on the scene and said that she sees the Irish temperament Becky climb. She also said he will not allow pride to his emotions. No more talking! Lynch and Evans exchanged blows! Officials came to share.

– Back, fighters in the ring.

– Tag Team Match – Untitled

basic brothers (Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins) against the revival (Scott and Dawson shooting Wilder)

At the end of the fight, Dawson Ryder surprise with a quick account on behalf of three.

Winners: Major Brothers

– Backstage, The Miz asks what he has to say Shane McMahon. Miz says that Shane still brings his father in this story. They do not want to warships in the crowd MITB, he wants to fight in the ring. Therefore it meets Shane by calling: the fight between Shane and his MITB cells match started!

– Back Himself Zayn is in the ring. Zane said Monday he was kind enough to show us pictures of his life. And the happy life he has made us witness not only the fact that he was on vacation. He was happy because he was able to try psychology, sociology, and heaps of other sciences, which have opened their eyes. The concept was, and still ran into her mind: the preference of the complex. Since ancient times people believe that the customer is always right. This lie has economic imperatives, but the result is that we believe that what we want, we have to be data. And if someone is not quite what we want, we respond regularly as children. At the airport, refused to sign the child's figure, and the child is left crying in the arms of his father. It made him sick because he was already at the age of five, he thinks that he has something. Zayn says he owes nothing to anyone. Three shoulder surgery and 15 years of fighting, five stars for more than good! He gave us enough. Therefore, we must accept the fact that he offers us, without complaining. People say that he has to leave the WWE, if he is not satisfied. Zane said, leaving the WWE would be great! But he thinks that there is something even more amazing: come here week after week, and give us life. Come week a week and criticize the main critic. It's time for Sami Zayn to regain power.

– We represent Tweet Shane McMahon Miz accepts the challenge of money in the bank.

– Back, Samoa Joe ring. Joe said that he sometimes watched Ray and her son. He sees Dominik, who are ashamed of their father. This will make it back to sleep.

– Singles Match – No Title

Samoa Joe vs. Rey Mysterio

At the end of the fight, Joe Ray cargo, but Joe pushes from STO. Joe wants the chain to another, but Ray reverses with a quick view of surprende to win.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

– After the match, Ray's son by Dominik, comes on stage to celebrate.

– Back, when signing a contract between Seth Rollins and AJ StylesMichael Cole to introduce two Wrestler. Cole asks the AJ, that it means to them to win the title of Universal. AJ said he came to RAW for this. He had two brilliant years of SmackDown, in a house that he built. He is proud of it, but here it is RAW. most fans hardcore with & # 39 are RAW. He knows that Seth for a long time, a good guy, but he's got what he wants. AJ says that he wants the title of Universal. We all know what we are doing incredible things, when really wants something. Seth CERTE winner, but that he had heard that Seth wants to be the new AJ Styles. But the truth is that it never will be. Rollins says that AJ rights, except for the fact that he never wanted to be the new AJ. He wants to be none other than Seth Rollins. AJ He appreciates the compliments, but this is not the case. Strings of red, commentator Michael Cole. It's Monday Night SmackDown and Rollins. Rollins said it was phenomenal of SmackDown, but he will be phenomenal if he wants to take my title.

AJ says that he knows that it is a name for Seth. Seth has always worked very hard, but at what price. Seth has no brothers to protect him. Seth was in hell at WrestleMania, and he does not believe that he has left the least amount of energy. For its part, is ready for action, now! In MITB he stops only when he & # 39 is a universal champion. AJ signs a contract. Seth says that the AJ, do not seem to understand. They have much in common, but also differences. AJ likes to build things and loves it burn. He did what AJ has never been successful, and that beat Brock Lesnar. That's why he's here as a champion. He was at his best at WrestleMania against Lesnar to win, and it would still be best if MITB beat AJ. Seth sign.

AJ takes the title of universal watch Seth and returns. AJ wants to shake his hand, but he refuses and asks AJ Seth. Seth tells on. AJ decides to punch him! Exchange Network bumps and starts fate ring with blow and starts to jump suicide. Seth will be celebrating in a circle, but AJ comes back into the ring and catches him with a phenomenal forearm on the table! The show ends with the celebration of AJ.

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