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After the scandal of the match Djokovic


Djokovic, Nadal

In the semi-finals last year Vimldona, Novak Djokovic – Rafael Nadal, caused a storm in the world of tennis, but now the organizers have decided to react and change the rules.

Recall that in the evening local time, eight tennis aces have started the big fight, and that the roof of the Center Court, which has already been closed. And it was so, because the previous six and a half hours of play Kevin Anderson (Novak last opponent in the final) and John Isner and the sunset waiting for Djokovic and Rafa. And, with a closed roof, from which the field of lighting projectors, took place in an epic battle. Firstly 6: Serb to count, but 3: 6 for the Spanish and 7: 6 (9) for Đokovića. And soon after, meeting, as it was already 11 pm, in accordance with the rules broken.

In accordance with the same the next day set the rules – during the day, but still with the roof closed. Free, regulations require that "the condition, open or closed, the roof has been interrupted – in such a state will be played on and on."

A new roof over the ground number 1 at WimbledonPhoto: @BellshawGeorge / Twitter
A new roof over the ground number 1 at Wimbledon

Sun "smoking" the other semi-final day, creating an unbearable heat in the indoor stadium. Nadal will be moved, came to the 2: 2 complete dishonest fourth with a score of 3: 6, but a marathon Djokovic decided in his favor – it was 10: 8 in the fifth section.

After this defeat, Raf was asked if he believes that it is okay to play under a closed roof on a hot day:

"I do not want to talk about it anymore. If I say something, you journalists do not write about it, and I do not want to write about today, "said the Spaniard.