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AMD's Golden Jubilee – IT Solutions RešenjaIT


Kicking the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the company, AMD today launched a special limited "gold edition» AMD Ryzen 7 2700X processor and AMD Radeon graphics cards VII. Celebrating a rich history of innovation, AMD allows its loyal customers a unique opportunity to purchase a commemorative version of its top-quality products, uzbesplatne games and other unique gifts ..

"AMD's already half a century pushing the limits of high-performance computing, creating opportunities for new experiences to millions of users," said John Taylor, AMD head of marketing, adding: "We celebrate this moment in our history with our fans around the world who we are inspire us to continue in the same direction for the next fifty years, to 2069 and beyond. "

With the "Gold Edition» AMD Ryzen processors and Radeon AMD graphics cards encourages supporters skupaproslave fifty years journey through the world of high technology. Optimized for gamers, digital content creators and enthusiasts, AMD Ryzen 7 2700X thanks to the fans around the planetejedan of the best selling AMD processors. «Gold Edition» on his laser Director General potpisAMD, Dr. Lisa Su, and comes in a special gold packaging.

Gold Edition AMD Radeon VII graphics card has a distinctive, bright red, refrigerator and comes complete special gold «AMD50». AMD Radeon VII with a & # 39 is the first GPU in the world, which is produced u7nm technology. Equipped with 16 GB HBM2 fast memory, it provides excellent performance as for players and for the semi. Customers who ended a promotional period until June 8 coupe specijalneedicije AMD Ryzen 7 2700X processors and Radeon graphics cards VII will not receive the following gifts ::

AMD50 game gift: Coupon code number, a hit game World War Z and Division 2 Gold Edition, which includes seasonal up play passes in the first year, eight special challenges and rewards automatically unlock three specializations, especially suit for the agent and the additional projects and awards, as well as exclusive «AMD50» guard console. For more information visit the official AMD50 webstranicu

Special «AMD50» t-shirt, stickers signed by CEO Dr. lisa Su – how biprigodno celebrate this moment in the history of the company, "Gold Edition» AMD processors, igrafičke cards will come with a sticker signed by others. Lisa Su and win a coupon for free «AMD50» majice2.

Selected partners, retailers and etailer, all over the world will be in promotional «AMD50» period, as of June 8, offer special promotions and sales of various models of AMD products.

AMD Ryzen 7 2700X «Gold Edition» will be available in a limited edition at a suggested price of $ 329 (excluding fees and taxes). AMD Radeon VII «Gold Edition» will be available in limited edition, priced at $ 699 directly from For more information, visit the AMD50 WebPortal.

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