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Biting his nails – a reflection of masochism? VIDEO


nail biting is a nasty habit in children, according to some, even at 60 percent of the people in childhood with a & # 39 is a reflection of masochism because of emotional problems and an inability to ward off the impulse to self-Nakoda, said pediatrician Biljana Lui.

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Photo: Koldunova_Anna / Depositphotos

Photo: Koldunova_Anna / Depositphotos

Sometimes biting his nails oponaanje adults and habits that will take place on their own within a limited time. However, if the child decides to vie tee and the impact on health – with & # 39 are brittle nails, cuticle folds, redness around the nail, the infection …

Louis was in the show "In the first place," TV first noted that it is necessary to observe the child and see if it works, its support Pruit, and can not be criticized. If the problem lasts for a few months need to see a psychologist.

When the children nibbled nail plate comes to lasting defects. Take your child to manicure MOS to help. Our experience shows that it stimulates devojice stop biting his nails, and we had a dick, we poured the nail plate and to whom she helped rival Sun biting her nails, she said kozmetiar Rajko Sekuli.

She noted that in infants and young children really ment correctly Sei nails to avoid ingrown, certain infections and bakteriolokih process. In infants, claws curved scissors, cut straight, only slightly rounded at the edges. Already with two, two and a half years, children can be Sei nail snacks and turpijati, for use on the shears can result in damage to the nail plate, she added.

In the event of damage to the cuticle always recommend olive oil. Some warm and put on the cuticle. Cracks cuticle should not be treated with an alcohol, but put hydrogen or Octenisept and flogocit. This proved to be a well-ordination, she said.

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