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Famous Serbian athlete officially confirmed – the fourth month! Most nausea …



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Couple very excited.

Nataša Vukoje

Nataša Vukoje Photo: Alo / M. Yoshida

Former basketball player and model Natasha Vukoje, who now lives in Mallorca, last week announced the happy news with her husband Jorge Mendes child, and now shows what appears to pregnancy.

Beauty that captivates the area of ​​sportsmanship, and the audience, and a wide smile and extraordinary beauty, for "Blitz", who succeeded in life firmly held in their hands, despite the fact that she left her family and friends, and also her last pregnancy brings incredible joy.

– How different is proud and happy to feel, when a man in her life is expecting a baby, or if you love men and women who fell in love at first sight, to get the best crown love. It even seems that Jorge excited than me. Now I am in the fourth month of pregnancy the situation is much better than in the first three months, when I was a lot more complicated. I had a lot of illness, I could barely get out of bed. However, it all falls into the water before the sense that our family & # 39; I will soon get another member. Pregnancy August 28 – Natasa found. Since she and her husband Jorge, a sports agent, but there are marriages behind him and Natasha politician Alexander Jugovic has a daughter Giurgiu and Jorge with his first wife, two sons, nearly all the same ones which half will be their first child together.

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It took me many years to accept that in life you do not need to fuss and suffer in order to achieve certain goals. This money does not grow on a tree, of course, but it is simply the result of your selfless work, effort, perseverance, as a reward for all of this. I still have yet to learn to get married and bonds people were arguing, shouting, arguing all night, if necessary, and that this does not mean less love, and they should disperse. I learned long ago that it is okay with your partner that you do not agree, and that you have a different relationship, and that you can feel free to speak, and that this does not mean that from now on less love. All of them, still means to teach, to restore and continue the same lesson. But since now I can not say that I enjoy my work, that fills me and motivates initiated and every day I want to be better. I love Monday, because I can not wait to start working week. It also means that the course has a theme, which means that I do not share the opinion of her husband, that sometimes differs razmiljamo, we have a discussion … But every day I love more and more. Because now I understand and accept themselves. But only if you understand you can understand and accept others. @ljubitelji_kafe

Fasting separated Natasa Vukoje (@vukojenatasa) on

– We are anxious to know when we get a boy or a girl, but it did not matter too much, because the violence that we have both sexes. My husband has two boys from my first marriage and I May Giurgiu – Natasha fair, which indicates that it is not afraid of childbirth, because the Spaniards have learned that it is relaxed. He says that he has great doctors and it is encouraging that pregnancy and childbirth are taking the right. Natasha is very important that Jorge boys, and especially her daughter is looking forward to the upcoming pistons or reefs.

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– Durda a big girl, and she was delighted and now & # 39 is the happiest in the world, because he always wanted to have a brother or sister. Already plans, where and with whom a child to sleep – happily witnessed Natasha.

While in Spain, he moved in less than two years, and before that was associated with the communication with Jorge often traveled from Belgrade to Palma de Mallorca, Natasha quickly become accustomed to the new environment, as well as his successor.

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Belgrade got you! I like real tourists, in the heart of the city, to go to your most beautiful streets. I walk slowly, and I must tell you, nedaostajao you! For example, if you meet on the street person who you like. So that feeling in your stomach, which side looked before, and just want to take this moment as long as possible. On behalf of all these wonderful emotions, on behalf of the sincere and strong hugs, smiles and tears of pure … I invite you to our Kundalini Yoga while in Belgrade on December 23 to 19h on a chip. In addition to music, meditation, dance, Kundalini Yoga, this year to leave on the best način? @fuzetea_rs Application: more information you have on the site ____________________________________________________ #fuzetea #ad #ozivisvojacula # oseti merger # natasavukoje #belgrade #kindaliniyoga

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– Durda, who eight and perfect new medium took fantastic. Now he speaks Spanish and Catalan. She loves school and more companies that it has acquired, – Natasha said.

After a personal defeat, which suffered due to the failure of his first marriage, Nataša Vukoje changed habits and collided with Reconnective Healing and Kundalini yoga, which she then brought salvation. Since then, he has decided that the knowledge is transferred to others. The second condition does not interfere with it, and strives to do their work and women's days.

– My work is based on an online job and can not make it to every destination unhindered. Special energy we give you many classes of Kundalini yoga, which I keep in the Internet. In parallel with this on a daily basis, I meet a lot of people to go through the processes of Reconnective Healing. Their success is my pleasure that I am doing the right thing for them and for myself, – concluded Natas.

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