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Goji you, and no food, no property


World Health Organization data show that 39 percent of people in the world, an increase in body weight. Leading positions in Europe, in English, and our statistics show that 54.5 percent of the population has problems with being overweight. It should be noted that the weight gain may be a sign of some diseases, such as thyroid thyroid and diabetes and obesity recent data increases with more severe forms of psoriasis, and certain malignancies. It is therefore important to decide on a "healthy" weight loss, but not heavy diets, because such a diet can lead to anemia, deficiency disease, as well as lack of certain minerals and other important substances in the body.

Physician and nutritionist Simon Novakovic, who works in London, points out that popular restrictive diets based on low calorie or eliminate some of the basic food (mainly carbohydrates or fats) from food. While thus kilograms wrinkles easily and quickly, there is a real risk to return, and to a greater extent after the child. It is a well-known yo-yo effect.

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Dr. Simon Novakovic said that it is very important to choose the appropriate cutlery to deceive themselves and with & # 39; to eat less food. For example, if you take a smaller plate, but also a large fork, because a recent study showed that those who used a large fork to a & # 39; have 10 percent less than you with the & # 39; to eat less expensively. Scientists say that even nutritionists unconsciously poured 31 percent more ice cream when you get to a large bowl for serving. Parts can be controlled manually. For example, the size of the hand determines the portion of carbohydrates (rice, pasta), while the size of the hand shows how much needs to be part of the fish or meat.

– The key is in the balance, and the world is becoming more and more popular program of healthy weight loss, so you can lose pounds gradually adopt the principles of healthy nutrition and life, improves health and energy, sleep better and maintain an ideal weight and after the program. It is important to eat regularly because many studies have shown that if you are going to skip meals actually gain weight rather than lose weight. Regular diet helps blood sugar is well balanced throughout the day, and so will your energy will be balanced. Piece of cake or favorite ice cream is also allowed from time to time, because it is a long-term nutrition – said Dr. Novakovic.

In addition to adequate nutrition, many other factors can affect the weight gain. One of them with a & # 39 is the lack of sleep.

A number of studies linking good and long enough to sleep with adequate weight. Studies show that people who sleep less than six hours a night increases the appetite and hunger by 24 percent and the risk of obesity increased by 55 percent. Canteens rich sources of tryptophan, such as bananas or turkey can significantly improve sleep. Small changes in lifestyle, such as, for example, avoiding the use of smartphones and computers before bed can significantly improve the quality and duration of sleep, and thus to contribute to weight loss. In order to reduce the effects of stress, it is important to eat slowly, at the table, not on the fly, without the phone and the computer. And exercise, such as yoga or meditation can help. Foods rich in vitamins will support the work of the adrenal glands are responsible for the body's response to stress.

(D. Davidov-Kesar, "Politics")

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