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Golf celebrates 45th birthday – all Poel?


Birth the most popular European cars in the last decade was preceded by a number of circumstances in which his role was a prototype of Fiat, – many of us, known as the Banner of the first hundred

Text – Alexander Bursa; Source – Auto Magazine

They wanted to admit it or not, today the car manufacturer NIE middle-class eyes fixed on one model – Volkswagen Golf. Of course, dealing with the rest of the competition, but in the development of new models be sure to buy a Golf, which breaks down to the smallest detail and research.

Here we are referring not to copy the design, but the overall inenjering. This we can say that after viedecenijskog experience testing cars that time really became better and better. At the same time, we believe that golf is always a step ahead of others in terms of the complexity of designing and manufacturing.

Do not worry, and the Germans are doing the same thing today do others. Schools – Italian and FIAT. renowned designer Oreti UARO it to 1970, and then four years ago Vanina world premiere of & # 39; EASURES, said that the preparation of the plan of golf at the plant in accident Volsfburgu video divorced FIAT128.

Recall that «stodvadesetosmica» with & # 39; appeared in 1969 and is considered to be the first car with a modern concept, which combines front-wheel drive, a transversely mounted engine with the gear, I say, and valves without swing "McPherson" suspension and disc brakes .

Volkswagen even more refined this idea and decided to uarov design as other prototypes were disastrous and outdated concept.

At that time (1969), Turin is mainly due to the prototypes flags 101. Given that it was the right decision hebek version FIAT 128 delegated Ask, UARO Germans offered delegated Var & # 39; yatskuyu idea and golf painted as hebek with three doors that nagovetavala sports and mladalaki nature of much-needed summer ambitious and seventies.

That is, as the shape of the body, designed the car to the fate of the day.

For a & # 39; appearance of golf and adds, among other things, known for a new director of Volkswagen, Leading Rudolph, who has stopped development of a prototype with a rear-wheel drive and a longitudinally mounted engine with water cooling, distracted below the last meeting.

After four years of development, in May 1974, Golf (factory code "type 17") saw the light. First, they were made to version 3, and then with 5 doors. He immediately took the engine from the Audi 50 and Audi 80, on & # 39 volume of 1.1 liter with 50 hp, 1.3 60 hp and 1.5 70 HP.

Sale of fine APOEL, already from the first day. Customers felt that the sporting character, even with the smallest engine. Since then ruled the oil crisis, fuel consumption figures were very outside. Therefore, with & # 39; appeared "Formula E" version with five VARY is 90 km / h flow rate decreased from 6.4 to 5.2 l / 100 km.

A significant moment in history with a & # 39 is a & # 39; advent of models GTI 1976. He received the 1.6 engine from the Audi 80 GTE with 110 hp (At 6,100 rev / min), ventilirajue discs and oil cooler.

Aesthetic details were the real attraction – the gear knob with a ball in the form of golf balls, the front spoiler, wider tires size 175/70 HR 13, the red box on the front grille and black foil on the rear door & # 39 GTI is pulled out all other cars.

The engine had a K-detronik "fuel injection, and with a mass of 810 kg was really attractive performance for the time – a maximum speed of 182 km / h and up" Mechanics of hundreds of "accelerated to 9.2 seconds.

Golf GTI

Golf GTI

By Vahan very moment in the golf development was held in September 1976 submission of the diesel version, it was quite unusual for that time.

By the time the diesel engines are not considered to be very dirty and rebellion. As a basis for the development of the diesel posluio 1.5 petrol. Such valves are beginning to be about 39 & #; volume of 1.5 l and 50 hp, and quickly increased 1.6 and 54 HP. In spite of the noise and vibration I was very small due to the robust fuel consumption, which was about 5 l / 100 km.

The first facelift followed in 1978. Assigned functions plastic bumpers for impact energy absorption further improved dramatically and protection against corrosion. Knee with & # 39 are still mass rots because of poorly processed metal alloy which Measles while, and contains a large amount of copper in it.

In August 1979, he introduced the sedan version of the Golf and Jetta. It is intended for conservative customers and had a version with 2 or 4 doors. In North America, it has achieved great success, but also in Europe, sales were significantly below expectations.

Golf Cabrio

Golf Cabrio

In a year, golf was a shift – wide taillights and a new team and dashboard. This car design was closer uarovim original sketches.

We were introduced and the level of equipment «C», «CL» and «GL» and dashboard instruments and the modern fourth LEDs has been given. GTI is now available with five doors. In the production BLII end, we were introduced and more luxurious version of the «LX» and «GX», as well as a special Golf Pirelli.

Thus, in 1982, he received a 1.8 out of 112 "horses". Its price was significantly higher compared with the basic version 1976 – 22800 DM against 13,850 DEM, and the idea was to present niskobudetna GTI version of the model for everyday use.

Golf Pirelli

Golf Pirelli

It was the best moment for the history of golf and even the whole of the compact class with the & # 39 is the introduction of the first turbo-diesel engine. March 1982 at the exhibition in Geneva presented the Golf GTD.

While he was najekonominiji production car in the world. It was based on GTI models of shoes with a lot of borrowed design elements, including a sedentary sport Recaro.

With «garetovog» turbo charger was 70 instead of 54 horses and 133 instead of 104 Nm torque. A total of 30 changes in the engine in order to increase output and reduce fuel consumption.

All that weight is increased to 18 pounds, and the fuel consumption figures millet was less than 6 l / 100

Production of the first generation Golf in Nemakoj discontinued in 1983. He created more than six million, of which one million dizelaa.

The annex to Nemakoj and Yugoslavia, socks heavyweight in Australia, Belgium, USA, Junoafrikoj Republic, Nigeria and Mexico.

Golf Pirelli

Golf Pirelli

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