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Investigate the Persecution vrdnik: Fatal blonde lover detail the planned liquidation of a husband? | black Chronicle


The researchers tested Daniel Đilasović (43) and her lover Zoran Dimic (52) More planned the murder of her husband Neman Danijelinog Grcic (37), which on Thursday about 22 hours occurred in the cottage Oborac Khan.

As we have seen, Daniel and his wife two days before the crime came to a mini-vacation in the cabin, and it took her lover, which has long been in a relationship.

– check if it Dimic and together planned the crime. There is a suspicion that this is so because Daniel deliberately left open the door of a chalet in the killer could enter without problems and almost affected Grcic, who was at that moment, lying on the couch and watch TV. The fact that the investigators had struck and led them to the conclusion that the fatal blonde knowingly participated in the murder of her husband and that after the crime police gave confusing statement, full of holes and ambiguities, – says our source, adding that the inspector quickly failed to conclude cubes.

studyPhoto: Ana Paunkovic

– Daniel is trying to mislead. She tried the offense attributed to the mafia, given that her husband was known to the police as a prospective member of the very powerful crime family from Vojvodina – says the source, adding that at the moment, does not exclude the possibility that Dimic I decided to eliminate its competitor.

– The fact that Daniel has chosen a lover, where she and her husband. Otherwise, it was a long time talking to her lover that you know, or do not do, – says the source.

Recall, Đilasovićeva was detained on suspicion of having helped Dimic eliminate her husband. first reported that an unknown man broke into their apartment, she pushed and Grcic shot after an argument. However, the inspectors suspect in her words, but in the end it turned out that after the elimination of standing Danijelin lover Zoran Dimic.

bloody end marriage
bloody end marriagePhoto: Personal archive

– Dimic is also already known to the police. He was arrested in 2009 as part of an organized criminal group from Subotica regarding weapons smuggling, theft and drug trafficking. Dimic was allegedly involved in the theft of the group is carried out as metal cutting cash register, – says the source.

Insults on Facebook
Not everyone can hit husband

On Facebook profile Daniela Đilasović after her arrest with a & # 39; there were many negative comments, in which the satellite is most strongly condemned for participating in the murder of her husband Neman.
– What killed the person, an accident? Not everyone can hit a husband – just some of the derogatory comments that people make the fatal blonde.

married twice
Mother of three children

Daniel Đilasović otherwise the owner of a private kindergarten in Belgrade, as well as a hair, and to him the marriage with Grcic was married.
– For this first marriage, a son, and slew of the Nieman got two children. children came often in the private sector in vrdnik, but the last time decided to come alone with his wife. The investigation will determine whether this is done deliberately to be, that is, deliberately did not bring their children, knowing that Dimic come and kill her husband – says the source.

(Kurir.rs/ Daniela Jovanovic / Photo: Ana Paunkovic, personal archive)


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