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model of the iPhone camera for 2020


We have already seen that the leak of information about the iPhone 11, and now sources reveal the characteristics of the model for 2020!

"Procureo" iPhone 11: Two things shock you

Apple has sent manufacturers partners request to prepare components for ToF cameras next year, according to MacRumors.

What is the ToF camera and why you need it

The phones in 2020 should be the latest 3D ToF camera, which will lead to user-level AR highest level.

"Bloomberg" says that the last chamber of the next year will be able to crawl space 4.6 meters distance from the device that is & # 39 high shear compared to the current camera TrueDepth range 25-50 centimeters.

Presumably, Apple has a "two-year" advantage over the competition when it comes to 3D-sensor technology, and it is possible that the provider is Sony in 2020.

The camera will work with the VCSEL laser, which is a & # 39 is a key component of several Apple features, such as the Face ID, portrait mode and proximity detection AirPods headphones.

This laser is used in the ToF technology, will measure how long the laser beam must "refuse" from a & # 39 objects and, hence, to simulate the surrounding 3D-display environment.

Next year will be the chip in the iPhone 5 nm, In contrast to A14 chipsets this year, which is 7 nm.

If you are interested in why this technology, if it is already available, is not planned this year Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reveals that Apple's "secret" connection 5G, AR glasses and more powerful Apple Maps database.

The following year, the iPhone will also have a 5-nm chip, unlike the A14 chipset, a 7-nm this year.

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