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New cancer treatment increases the chances of a cure, depriving chemotherapy and destroys the immune system | telegraph

Scientists do not cease to work to find a cure for cancer

cancer cells

Experts have found a new method of treating cancer, and it does not include chemotherapy. This means that your immune system will be further undermined. We will consider strictly cells that are infected.

scientists using viruses to fight cancer they found a way to prevent recurrence of the disease target the healthy cells that surround the tumor, but use them as a disguise. Researchers at Oxford University say that this is the first time they are able to penetrate into the fibroblast cells (a type of connective tissue cells) that "deception" in order to maintain the tumor and destroy healthy tissue.

This double attack could allow doctors to directly target the tumor and that identify cancer cells, which can cause the immune system attack death attacker. Although people are still in need of further study, mouse models of human cancer have been successful. This is a & # 39 is the most common form of cancer that occurs in a number of organs and tissues.

– Even when the majority of cancer cells is destroyed, fibroblasts can sačuvatju residues of these cells, and to help them to recover and re-start, – said Dr. Carrie Fisher, author of the study.

– Until now, there was no way to kill cancer cells and fibroblasts, so as not to disturb the rest of the body, that is, so as not to disrupt the overall immune system, – explains.

The symptoms of lung cancer, you should pay attention to the photo-illustration: Profimedia

Although this method is a & # 39 is the new viruses attack the cancer at some time tests in the treatment of cancer patients. This new generation method uses the immune system as part of the treatment. In fact, inIrusya kills cancer cells, and the resulting immune response damages the charges.

– We hope that clinical trials of this modified virus will begin next year and it will be shown that treatment with & # 39 is safe and effective for the treatment of people – he added Fisher.

The new discovery was published in «Cancer Research» scientific journal. We used the virus from the & # 39 is «enadenotucirev» which is specifically designed to attack cancer cells and healthy remain intact. Once he found in the cell, the virus multiplies and comes out of it, and spread to other tumor cells.

Nevertheless, Dr. Fisher and his colleagues were able to take advantage of another feature of the virus, which allows them to DNA inserted genes in infected cells of a patient.

Fibroblasts with & # 39 are connective tissue cells, which is particularly important for wound healing and maintain cell. Random attack on these cells may cause serious & # 39; severe damage throughout the body, but such targeted treatment of virus a big step forward as far as treatment.

Photo-illustration: Wikimedia / University of Michigan Medical School of Information Services, Wikipedia / Indolences

Genetic cells were injected into the cancer cells make their begin to produce bispecific molecule "T-cell Engager« (BITE) which acts as glue for fibroblasts, Key record with the immune system T cell or "killer cells". They show defective cells and destroy them, and after tumors begin to produce beats and paste them into fibroblasts, preventing the immune system, which is a & # 39 there was a large tumor.

– We used a virus the machine so that the bite begins to be done only in the infected cells, and nowhere else in the body – Dr. Joshua Freedman said one of the study's authors.

– Molecules bite so moćnan, that can activate the immune system cells that are infected with cancer and that such attacks fibroblasts – explains.

Dr. Michel Loklej from the Center for Cancer Research in the UK, which has not worked on the study, says that it's actually treasure.

– Results observed in human cells with & # 39 are promising, but this process is very complicated. One of the biggest problems with immunotherapy & # 39 is to predict how the therapy works with the patient's immune system, and the potential consequences – adds Loklej.

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