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New details of fighters dread: he stabbed his wife in the street and ran away! (PHOTO) | chronicle


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They were in the process of divorce proceedings, the husband has long been troubled, and then beaten. Witnesses first thought it was a car accident

A terrible crime was committed on the night of Wednesday, the Belgrade suburb of Barca when Bekim D. (47) was stabbed to death his wife Azra D. (43), the victim Street Borčanskih.

Devil occurred at about 17:45, when Azra began with her parents and her husband, from whom she was divorced in SEO gray car caravan «Peugeot 307» and followed him down the street. About fifty meters from the house in which they lived azrin mother and father, of Bekim out of the car and on the street, without a word, his wife has caused several fatal bite! After that, he stepped on the accelerator and gave it to drain, and during the search the police after him.

Witnesses of the tragedy at first thought it was a traffic accident, and the driver leaves the bloody woman on the pavement and runs off in a panic, because he hit her. the first police arrived login pedestrian deposed and executed. However, if the police team and the ambulance arrived at the scene, the stab wounds on the body azrin came to the conclusion that it was murder.

According to unofficial information, this family tragedy was preceded by several months of agony. The couple lived just a few blocks away from where the murder took place last night. She worked as a cook in an additional capital in the kindergarten, and had two adult children, a son and a daughter. How to say the neighbors, of Bekim and Azra led to the divorce, and she was a few months ago I moved away from him.

– The horror! – in shock, he tells us neighbors. – Asp was a wonderful wife, a good neighbor and mother. We knew that she and Bekim divorce, because he was older than she was harassed and beaten. A few months ago, the poor man moved away from him, but he stayed here with the kids. He is very jealous and has not ceased to haunt her, even when she went to live in the other side of town. All this time he was staring moves and the company he keeps, and friends said that he was afraid that he would hurt her, so that the break shot.

In my father's house were killed Wednesday evening Asp gathered relatives to condolences. Mute with shock, sadness and pain, could not utter a word. Neighbors say that the poor woman did not want to live with their parents, when he had left her husband, although she was offered furnished floor of a house, but he wanted to get away from Bekim.

I drove the killer accident

Witnesses, who from his car video to Bekim harmfulness Azri and flee, chased by the suspect. He did not cease to follow the driver in gray "pesos", but he did not come, because in the end suffered a minor accident and the damage to the car.

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