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News Online / Leisure / Health / C & # 39; skin with reality & # 39 is a signal that you have food during the holidays


There are signals that are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes, especially in the period when the more you eat at the banquet table. The most important of them & # 39 they are to the skin, and they need to be sure what to look for.

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Holidays time when eating too greasy and hard to digest food. Then increases the risk of developing diabetes type 2. The disease manifests itself as an increase in blood sugar levels, and it is dangerous for overall health of the body.

When the disease in question would do well to pay attention to some of the symptoms are not always obvious, because they are in an advanced stage of the disease.

There is a clear sign that relates to diabetes, and appears on your skin. If you see something like this, especially during the holidays, it is important to immediately go to the doctor.

If you have frequent skin irritation or infection, it can be a symptom of type 2 diabetes.

Pay attention to the skin, itching and swelling, and blisters that can turn into an ulcer. It can be pre-diabetic condition, timely response to the & # 39 is extremely important, because it can prevent a complex disease.

If, however, it appears, type 2 diabetes, make sure it is the initial stage of a disease in which blood sugar levels can be controlled easily and without drugs.

The following skin conditions it is important to note, because it could be an infection conditional diabetes.

– pastries,

– painful and swollen skin,

– a rash that is very itchy,

– fine bubbles,

– skin flakes,

– less CEREV filled with white content as acne.

In order to prevent an increase in blood sugar levels and diabetes was a good idea during the holidays and other celebrations you eat more often smaller, and the principle of diet doctors recommend, and the rest of the year because it does not interfere with the digestive system and metabolism can work normally.

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