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Popular science series "The Secret of the Universe" on RTV


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Come with us to explore and discover what lies beyond our planet.

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This is a series of cosmic themes and stories, information about the universe, of all that surrounds us, and everything we see around us, how can we live in the universe, the science of the past and the future of the universe.

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Topics of the series include: solar system, telescope, stars, earth, animals in the universe, the Moon, the eruption of solar panels, the Hubble telescope, Neil Armstrong, asteroids, comets, Venus, meteroidy, nebulae, space program, black holes, Jupiter International space space. station, light years, food in space, Apollo 11, Uranus, SETI, NASA, the laws of the universe, the Fermi paradox, solar winds, Neptune, the Great Red Spot (Jupiter), orbits the Milky Way, Saturn, ebb and flow, eclipses of the Sun and Moon, to look into the past, a walk through the universe, space suit, star charts, Pl-ironing.

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