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Renfrew: Good ramp, Cirbes will feel tomorrow


Guerrillas Jock Landale and Alex Renfroe, who have made a significant contribution to the victory of his team against Red Star 70:67 in the second match of the semifinal series of the ABA league, said that luck was on the side of the black-and-white.

Alex Renfroe

BC Partizan NIS

Alex Renfroe

Jock Landale satisfied with a job well done in the trim.

"I was happy, so that the ball is moving in my direction. I am happy because I had a teammate with you in the end, I threw the ball to them hoping for the best, and Marcus was in the right place. I had to do before the match. We brought them into a situation where we want to be, and I think that next week we will be able to do the same. This leaves us with just another basketball game, and it works for me«Said Landale and he added:

"I think I just got lucky. Sigruan all else in my place did the same. I went to jump, won & # 39; re throwing, it was not anything special, except that I did what I was playing basketball".

Playmaker Renfrew satisfied, although it is considered that it could not be better.

"We won, that's all that matters. There are many things that you can not fix it in every aspect of the game, but I'm happy for the victory, that's our goal. I think that individual performance is not important after the victory«Said RenfrewWho & # 39 with a ramp stop Zvezda Mexico Tsirbesa:

"It was good, Cirbes will feel tomorrow. That's good, I'm happy to be so again. This may be different, or not. I thought it was foul play, and they are not from the & # 39 are the judges. We are pleased with this, and for winning. It is easy to knock, but I did not want to let him go. Sometimes successful, sometimes not. It was an opportunity for me, and I took advantage. Fortunately, it was a ramp instead of the basket and throwing".

The experienced 32-year-old believes the team below must stay focused and humble.

"This is basketball, it will be ups and downs. We had ups and we gave them easy baskets, which hurts us. All this happens in basketball, but we focus every possession, we need to keep the situation under control"Prisoner Renfro.

Two eternal rivals will be in place in the ABA league final match on Saturday, April 6, at 20 hours.

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