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SEGA Genesis console ago, Sega Genesis, Sega console returns


Returns officially confirmed, SEGA Genesis consoleTogether with at least 40 predefined games. New old console comes to market later this year and will cost about 80 dollars, and euro in our region.

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Date of delivery framework for all, which must be ordered in advance on September 19, but this is how they convey some of the IT media, is subject to change. Kotaku website has announced that it will be sold in the European, American and Japanese version and that in relation to it, to be set up and the game and the console will feature a favorite of each of these regions. Thus, the Japanese version has castlevania Bloodlines. comix Zone. Gunstar Heroes. Madou Monogatari Ichi. Powerball. Puyo Puyo 2. car hero. Shining Force. Sonic 2 and Space Harrier II.

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The American version comes with titles Altered Beast. Castlevania: Bloodlines. comix Zone. Dr. Robotnik Mean Bean Machine in. Ecco the Dolphin. Gunstar Heroes. Shining Force. Sonic the hedgehog. Space Harrier II and ToeJam & EarlWhile all the other games will be announced later.

SEGA Genesis will be supplied with two joysticks legendary red buttons (three buttons A, B and C) with the new equipment and USB ports and other which will be detailed later.

Cartridges support – we will find in the near future …

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