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SES and Bastać blocked traffic on Terazije for future works


Representatives of the Serbian Alliance of Belgrade parliamentary group (CNS) and the Old Town Square protest on Terazije, for example, on the street plotted bags of salt for roads and in a little less than an hour blocked traffic in protest, which will be a tomorrow in the city center to be closed because of the work around the Place de la République.

The head of the parliamentary group of ESS Nikola Jovanović said that it is Belgrade's protection action, and that this blockade symbolic, because the center of the city, in accordance with a & # 39; a reality of the city authorities, will be closed to traffic until the end of the year.

"This is destructive, because it not only reduces the quality of life and functioning of the old city, but the entire city and all major Belgrade deprived of cultural, educational and other on & # 39 objects that are in motion," Jovanovic told reporters.

He works in the city center, as "genocide Belgrade" and said the Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic, which he called "Krusevac Nero" in; to leave the city in peace, and will defend it by all means.

"If you let us steal the city center, they are planning the next phase of the entire King Milan street with & # 39 is a pedestrian zone, which is the center of the city turned into Kosmaj, in the extreme case," said Jovanovic.

The Mayor of Old Town Mark Bastać said it blockage warning because they want to point out that Belgrade will look like tomorrow.

"From tomorrow, when they continue to work, but not a referendum, which will ask citizens whether they want to or not it works, we would like Kalemegdan physically prevent mechanization and we will not allow them to continue their work," said Bastać.

Bastać city government said that Belgrade is not "their settlement", and it does not allow the city to be destroyed.

According to him, the municipality has led to canceled power and budget, can not prevent the planned work in the annex to ask Belgrade to issue a referendum.

"Behind all this lies the idea of ​​eternal Deputy Mayor of Belgrade Goran Vesic steal the city center and move it to another place," said Bastać.

The representative of Yugoslavia Dvéri Kiprijanović said city organizations and parties SES interrelated actions and Old Town Square, to prevent it "arrogant, rude and power thieves steal Belgrade Belgraders».

Following the press release, the activists left the bags from the street and traffic in this part of town back to normal.

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