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Star after the turn received Macva, Ben gave the decisive goal with "lime"! (PHOTOS)



03/30/2019. 20:58 – 2019/03/31. 1:23

Red Star won reversal against Mačve and BOAC and Ben from the penalty spot, aimed at winning Stars!

Red Star - Macva

Red Star – Macva, Photo: Hello! V.MARKOVIĆ


93 «Full Time! 2: 1

91 & # 39; He tried to Simic, which takes place in Pavel, but he was too strong, the dog

90 'The game is played three minutes the cover!

90 & # 39; Korner, conducted Mačve players, he went to the border, but Borjan was well situated and defended his player of the opposing team shot

88 & # 39; Last updated at MACV, is Neman Tosic and came Andru Marveđio

87 & # 39; Match numbed match Ben

83 & # 39; Changes in both teams are Stephen Milosavljević and entered Filip Bozic in Mačve and Veljko Simic replaced the scorer of the first goal Boaćija

82 & # 39; Red Star is holding the ball at his feet and spend time

80 & # 39; Instead Rodic in Jovičić game.

75 "BEN gooooooooool penalty, Puletić ran to his right side while Ben put the ball in the other corner!

75 'Penalty for stars suspicious situation, BOAC was on the verge of offside, it is the goalkeeper, which was the bypass and get picked up by the right foot!

73 & # 39; Another cross Rodic left, Ben is waiting for the ball to the near post, but his head was shot over the bar!

69 & # 39; Pavel another head shot, this time from the edge of the box, but another shot wide.

66 & # 39; Marin hit the defensive wall and the ball bounced to Ben that dangerous shot

65«Solo action Ben only a free kick of Red Star

62 «Puletić SA goal line stops the ball After another attack from the left side and the cross, Pavkov loses the ball Boaćija, which was located near the left post, pushing the ball, and it went through his leg goalkeeper Puletić, who stopped the ball on the goal line!

61 & # 39; Pavkov topped all players in the field even goalkeeper Puletić, but there was no strong jerk of the head, so that players Mačve eliminate the risk

57 "first shift of the game, Milojevic is replaced by the attacker in the hopes came Pavkov Joveljić!

54 & # 39; Babic shot when it is not clear to some 40 meters

51 & # 39; Fireworks «Delija» in the north stand!

51 & # 39; Joveljić feinted two players Mačve legs and sent a shot on goal that went just over the post!

50 & # 39; BOAC leaves the ball to Ben, in sharp shoots, but the ball goes over the bar

49 & # 39; Pejović respond well, Macva moves in a counter-attack, Jeremic falls below, the judge said all incidents

46 'The second half is underway!

Halftime! 1: 1

45 + 2 & # 39; Marin was trying to lead, but Puletić safely into the goal!

45 & # 39; Extended game for three minutes, it is quite justified because there was a lot of content

44 & # 39; Frame with Mačve players Borjan distances but must not interfere, because the ball went wide

42 & # 39; Nice Ben missed the ball, which came to Čaušić but Mijailovic responds to the legs and below the star, but no more

39 & # 39; Another dangerous attack of the Red Star, Joveljić tested and caught the ball Puletić

37 ", the effect of which GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Boaco player Star – Marin put the ball on the left side and Čaušić dropped the ball to the far post was welcomed by BOAC in the heart of the area and make the score.

35 & # 39; Dangerous corner for star players, the highest jump was Milunović, but the ball straight into the arms of the goalkeeper Mačve!

32 & # 39; Foul Marin on the left edge of the penalty area, both players remained in the country after the duel, the first yellow card of the match for Milos Adamovich

29 & # 39; After cross Jovančić, Ristivojević missed the ball, and Pejović intervened and Ben was a foul. Indefinite protection Mačve!

27 & # 39; Macva dangerous, Borjan forced to intervene again!

26 & # 39; Excellent chance for Boaćija. He tried to Richmond after their dogs midfield, but uncontrolled legs over the bar naked guests.

24 & # 39; Star attack on the right rear, but the cross was a little stronger, below is tried Ben just throw the Red Star

18 & # 39; Ben can easily reach the goal after the goalie Mačve hedged in front of his goal,

18 & # 39; Against Mačve, Jeremic shoots straight in Boryana

15 'Golo PETER GIGIĆ great action toy Mačve, who were the first to score against the stars!

14 & # 39; Stars executed corner, and on the 20th, Ben waited a dangerous attack or due to the large number of people in the penalty area, the ball bounced off the player.

13 & # 39; Ben pushed to Rodic, the ball hit the player Mačve and went into a corner

5 & ​​# 39; She Macva in the counteroffensive, and the possibility to conduct missing after Borjan bad happened sixteen meters and remains empty, and at the end Jeremic was inaccurate.

3 & # 39; The first corner of the match was Red Star players executed corner to the far post, where Joveljić anus in the middle, where they added two players to the stars then Marin shot in the vicinity of the foot from the right post

19:02 The match started!

Red Star supporters are prepared to complement the experience!


Welcome to the text broadcast of the match Red Star – Macva portal Hello!

Vladan Milojevic

Vladan Milojevic, Photo: Alo / M.Metlaš

Red and white role of absolute favorite in this match, and all, but their triumph will surprise the first speed.

Vladan Milojevic, will this match to play with two strikers, looking forward to the return of left-back recovered Kinsman and Richmond Boaćija.

The hosts are unbeaten this season, with its twenty-four wins and three draws, but with 75 points to his account is currently ranked 1st place in the table, and the guests of the season recorded eight wins, seven draws and twelve defeats, but with 31 points, your account is currently ranked 9th in the standings.

Previous Duel these rivals played during the autumn part of the season in Sabac Red Star team in his favor, and the result was 0: 2 (0: 1).

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