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System camera on the Galaxy S10 devices – for stunning photos


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They ask me often, probably because of my job, this is what I most value to your phone. I can easily make up my mind to one point, and to answer all be the same for anyone who asks – to use the phone must have a high capacity batteries to withstand all-day intensive communication, a large on & # 39; the memory capacity, high performance, and easy to use.

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Recently, in this list, and I added – camera. The answer to the question of why the camera is easy. He currently lives quickly, communicates not only a voice, or message, it is one of the ways of expression are just pictures. And the easiest way to "catch" every important moment in life and immortalized him – if not super powerful camera.

Devices of the Galaxy S10 series, we have exactly one month ago, to present in Serbia, customers bring everything on my list, and much more.

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I especially live camera system on our new devices. Not now I measure on a tray when the phone & # 39 is more important the rear or front camera, but it is certainly worth noting that Galaxy S10 + reached 96 points in a recent test, the anterior chamber – Dxomark selfAnd it's more than a reason to be proud of! What is particularly unique anterior chamber this phone & # 39 is that it has – twoIn particular, at S10 + may be selected with a wide angle of 10 megapixels sensor aperture F / 1.9 and dual technology PDAF pixel we (or this is the first camera, this technology has the cutting edge), or a sensor to a depth of 8 M Aperture F / 2.2 . In addition, the autofocus camera on the front is excellent, the camera takes great pictures with the effect of hand and is able to focus and more people in the picture and further spread, if the installation of several focus. This is the first chamber, where it is possible to 4K video recording and a front camera, which is a & # 39 is unheard of. The other two series models do not have the front camera, but no less fantastic.

rearview camera system camera equally interesting. Galaxy S10 + three front and two rear chambers, three Galaxy S10 rear and front camera, while Galaxy S10e supplied with two rear and one front chamber.

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All three devices are used almost identical system a cloud chamber, a super-fast dual-Pixel sensor with & # 39 is a major, wide-angle camera is 12 megapixels on all three devices. The camera system comprises a ultraširokog about 39 & #; lens with an angle of 123 degrees (the human eye) and 16M view with the first series, and in all three models; while the Galaxy S10 and S10 + feature and teleab & # 39; 12 megapixels camera lens. Teleab & # 39; sites and super-fast Dual Pixel own optical image stabilization (OIS), and ultra-wide-angle of & # 39; sites has super stabilizer. Dual shutter mounted on the rear wide-angle camera, and is used for tuning and optimizing lighting. This means that the camera adjusts to the lighting conditions, the human eye. If photographed on a sunny day, the camera will use the F / 2.4 aperture less, and in low light conditions will open the aperture to the maximum F / 1.5, to get bright photos without flash.

What is revolutionary news that the front and back camera can record up to UHD quality and rear chamber offers Entry HDR10 + quality. Galaxy S10 phones support recording 4K resolution and 60 frames per second. The camera on the Galaxy S10 & devices # 39 is a more intelligent data processing functionality, Optimizer and the stage technology funkcijuShot suggestion. With these features, you can shoot images without manual adjustment parameters, while the camera makes a recommendation about what to write and recommendations on the composition of the photos.

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The fact that these device separately from others on the market with the & # 39; is unique Infinity-O-display, during which there are a number of sensors and technologies for the camera, for maximum screen from edge to edge. Furthermore, based on the first dynamic AMOLED display, HDR10 + certified, which provides vivid bright colors and excellent contrast ratio for deeper blacks and more vivid shades of white. A novelty on the screen and ultrasonic fingerprint scanner that reads the 3D-contour of the thumb – not the 2D images of its surface, for even greater security.

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There are also wireless exchange capacity, improved performance and intelligent artificial intelligence Wi-Fi, and an internal memory space to 1TB at S10 + devices, and can increase and adding MicroSD card 512 GB.

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