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The day after the terrible fire in Vozdovac surfaced horrific details of the tragedy! all residents have found!



04/30/2019. 18:02

Building in Vozdovac, in Duke Stepe 114, in which the fire occurred yesterday, in which one person was killed, still feels unbearable smell of burning, the walls were charred, and tenants are still in disbelief.


fire, Photo: Facebook PrintScreen

fire door wide open passageways on virtually every level from the first to the last. The apartment where the fire started, and when the goal grandmother Milica R. (81) is completely destroyed, the walls are black, and the doors, which otherwise had booked a seal of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

– Fire hour trying to open the door, in the end, they had to reduce their Sander managed to get inside and put out the fire. Then closing it took about half an hour – says one of the old men. Ispovest residents read HERE.

According to him, in the vertical direction of the apartment to the fact that today is worse there is no water, as the main valve is located in an apartment that had been burned, and since it is now destroyed and sealing is not known when the competent authorities will be able to enter in order to restore and to prevent malfunction.

In the hallway on the 17th floor of the two windows were broken firefighters who extinguished followed out across the terrace, because the house can not immediately enter.

Fire, Duke Stepe

Fire, Duke Stepe, Photo: Printscreen

Fire stairs have been in use, but none of the residents did not dare throw them out of the building.

– These stairs are inside the building, so it should be on the three open sides, so that when the fire as something that happened, people can continue to flow down, but it does not suffocate from smoke, – the source said.

Stairs are located in the immediate vicinity of the apartment where the fire started, and for safety reasons, tenants do not want to go down them. The walls inside the fire escape and charred after the fire.

Part of the apartment next to the one where the fire started was destroyed, as the fire spread through the shared terrace. Something & # 39; I, who live here, were destroyed part of the furniture, the walls are charred, and they slowly prepare the temporary removal, as at present it is impossible to live here.


fire, Photo: Facebook PrintScreen

Recall yesterday, a huge fire engulfed the nitrate shortly before 14 o'clock in the morning, and despite the best efforts of firefighters, it is a life lost Milica R. (81). Firefighters recovered her body only when under the control of the fire, hereinafter.

Not the first fire in the building

Residents of the building in Vojvode Stepe state that this is not the first time for them to catch fire, and they say that it happened in previous years. In their opinion, the reason for a bad installation.

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