Tuesday , May 11 2021

Today is cloudy and cold, from night to night, snow, snow

BELGRADE – In Serbia today, it will be cloudy and cold, afternoon in the south, and at night and at night in the middle and north of rain, snow and snow, in the snow mountains.

The wind will be weak and moderate, in the mountainous regions of eastern Serbia
occasional and strong, east and northeast. The lowest temperature is -3 to 3 C, maximum 3 to 6 degrees.

At night, in the south and east, the formation of smaller snow cover is expected, the Republic of Indonesia Hydrometeorology Office announced.

In Belgrade it will be cloudy and cold, for almost all dry days. Sometimes and at night, sometimes with vinegar, on the higher side
This city can be land, short term and snow.

Weak winds and east are medium. Temperature without large fluctuations, from 2 to 5 C.

Weather in Serbia in seven days – until November 25:

On Mondays, most are cloudy and cold, in the morning in the south, and in the middle of the day and in other parts, precipitation is with short-term partial exploration. At night and at night, vinegar is new with
southwest, which is sometimes trapped on the ground, in the mountains with snow.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, it is cloudy, windy and slightly warmer, with vinegar, on a snowy mountain, which will burn in the rain on Tuesday. This will be moderate and strong, in the Kosava region and turbulent southeast winds, which will weaken on Wednesday.

From Thursday it is quite cloudy and dry, with a slight increase in daytime temperatures.


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